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Decimation is a multiplayer, fast-action, 2D pixel-art love letter to several arcade classics like Sinistar, Bosconian, R-Type, and Synapse Software's Survivor for the C64 and Atari 800.

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The team at Loose Toast! Productions is excited to announce the Pre-Alpha playable demo of our first game...Decimation, a fast-paced, 2D, pixel-art, space shooter that pits the player(s) in a frenzied, all-out space battle against the armada of an invading alien empire.

Decimation supports up to 4 players in split-screen co-op mode, so grab your friends and your X-Box compatible controllers for quadruple the fun! We're big fans of pixel-art games over here at Loose Toast!, so the art-syle was a no-brainer!

2023 02 27 21

Asteroids, Fighters, and Harvesters, Oh My!

Story Summary

Our solar system has been targeted for annihilation by an alien race. Systematically destroying each defense outpost orbiting the planets in our system, they are slowly making their way to Earth, colonizing each planet along the way.

Only a handful of fighter pilots have survived the first attack and you are all that remains of a once powerful space fleet.

The fate of Earth is now in your hands...

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A Sonic Bomb To The Rescue!

Our Inspiration

Decimation takes inspiration from several classic arcade games: Bosconian, Sinistar, R-Type, and Synapse Software's Survivor for the C64 and Atari 800.

We really like Sinistar's frenetic gameplay, it's crystal mining feature, and the sense of urgency you feel rushing against the clock to be ready to battle the Sinistar. In Decimation, you must also mine crystals from the nearby asteroids to create bombs, the only weapon powerful enough to bring down the shields of the heavy alien ships. But crystals are also the fuel that powers your ship's defense shields, so they are doublely important in our game!

Survivor and Bosconian's premise of destroying big enemy stations while being harassed by fighters was fun and made for some interesting gameplay, but we changed the static battle stations to moving cruisers, carriers and dreadnoughts, and with their heavy armaments targeting the player's fighter, the frenetic gameplay is brought to an even greater intensity.

We wanted to incorporate R-Type's power-up system and expand on it, so the player has the opportunity to upgrade their fighter with better weapons, add-ons, and defensive measures, all harvested from the floating debris from your recently destroyed defense outpost. Of course, as you move closer to Earth, defending planet after planet, the invading alien ships become more powerful and more heavily armed, so naturally, upgrading your ship's capabilities is a must!

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A Brave Player, Or Just Suicidal?

We'll have a new update every week to walk you through the many features of our upcoming game, Decimation. Be sure to follow this project here so you won't miss any details!

LtGlitchLT - - 3 comments

Looks really fun and I cant wait for the full release!!👍👍❤

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MadHackerLT - - 1 comments

Thank you for your comment! Glad to hear you enjoyed playing our demo.

Follow us and you will be notified when the full game is available.

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