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Post news RSS DECEMBER UPDATE NOW LIVE | New Cow Breed, Breeding, Milking Machine and more!

It's time to update! Find out what awaits you in this new update.

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Hello ranchers,

The December update is now live and available to download!

In our roadmap, we teased that a new cow breed was coming. We are here to announce that the breed is a beef cow and bull! These animals can breed with one another to produce calves.
We've also introduced a dairy bull, whose purpose is to breed with the existing dairy cows.

The dairy cows will produce more milk, but less meat. Whereas the beef cows will produce more meat when fattened and slaughtered, but will provide less milk.

The much requested milking machine is also being introduced. This will speed up the milking process by automating it. You'll still need to lead a dairy or beef cow to the machine and attach and remove the suction cups, but the milk goes straight into the milk can - ready for selling or turning into cheese.

It's time to get festive! We have some temporary Christmas and Winter themed in-game surprises, including snowy weather effects, and a Christmas tree that once decorated will give you a gift each in-game day! There's also fireworks temporarily available to purchase from the hardware store, so gather your friends together and have a blast!

Full Patch Notes

- New dairy bull, beef bull and beef cow breeds
- Dairy cows can now breed and will produce a calf (dairy)
- Beef cows can breed and will produce a calf (beef)
- Updated glossary addition for cows
- Added automated milking machine
- Added fireworks
- Added pregnancy indicator on the animals UI
- In the character customiser: added a Christmas hat with two colour choices, added two types of winter jackets with three colour choices each

Temporary - these will be removed on 13th January 2022
- Temporary winter theme featuring snow and blizzards
- Added Christmas radio station
- You can build a Christmas tree from the blueprints booklet (up to 3 can exist in a single save)
- Christmas tree decorations can be purchased from the hardware store, when placed on a Christmas tree, a present will appear underneath every in-game day that you can open!

- Fixed an issue where players were unable to join another's game after loading
- Fixed an instance of the game crashing when using screen capture software
- Removed nightmare wolves from the previous temporary update
- Fixed the lights previously not switching on in the retro farmhouse
- When selling milk in the milk can, the unit is now detected and displayed correctly

What's to Come
There's still more exciting new content on the way for Ranch Simulator. Check out our current Early Access roadmap if you haven't already:

ChristmasTree enhance

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