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Preparing for our closed beta testing session, planes new maps and more.

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Happy holidays! Hope everyone stays safe!
It's that time of the year again where we showoff our work and explain the status of the game.
First things first Aircraft! We have implemented aircraft in our game and we have a quick video to prove it

There are three units so far:
Fighter jet - very strong air to air combatant, excellent damage against planes and high mobility. Limited to only 6 missiles until it needs fueled again.
Gunship- ground support unit, good range and decent damage against land units, decent mobility and ammunition, high maintenance costs.
Bomber - Vulnerable drone that can deliver quite the punch by using it's two guided bombs. Very useful for taking out defensive structures and cluster of units.
We also managed to implement our first iteration of the much requested attack move.
Audio has been completely redesigned by our new sound engineer
We have redesigned our Maps completely, now we have a FFA map and a 2V2. Terrain textures have been improved as well.
What better way to showcase our progress than some gameplay videos ehh?

Note: Carpathia is still wip. So their aircraft hasn't been done yet along with a lot of missing icons.
I wanna play?
As we said for this December we planned a closed alpha testing session with our discord followers. We will be looking to receiving feedback on our progress and crash-test our game to death.
We still have some menu functionality to do but we are on our track to getting it done THIS December.
Hopefully everyone who has been following us will be able to join and have a good time.
But there are missing features..
Yeah game development takes time and doing it with only one programmer and one artist takes even more time..But we are getting there by doing solid progress.
Next year you can expect the following
Upgraded Expansion point system offering the player the options to branch into: economic, support abilities and on field unit deployment routes. This should offer more variation in gameplay with higher stakes on field, more targets for harassments!
Veterancy..you know the drill..help your crème of the crop get some bigger weapons by keeping it alive and giving it room to get some extra action!
AI.. How can we tell a story without an offline opponent? Yup we will kickstart our work on AI in the following year
Better unit avoidance and improved pathfinding. Yes our unit collision needs more work and we've heard you clear. This was just a serviceable prototype and we will be looking into improving it to offer minimal unit overlapping.
And garrisonable buildings..yup they are there and there will be garrisoned
And a bunch more extra polishing on top of that.
Anyway this is all we have so far. Feedback as always is much appreciated
Wishlist us on steam to know when the game is out!


Join our discord for more info about our game and have a chat with the devs

As well as on our other platforms
IndieDB: Indiedb.com
Youtube: Youtube.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Reddit: Reddit.com
Wish you guys the best! Stay safe and Happy holidays!

Tleno - - 1,064 comments

Fascinating, your progress looks great, can't believe alpha is soon to come out!

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Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

I just noticed in the video...Nu imi vine sa cred, Carpathia are all Romanians? xD

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CTLN7 Author
CTLN7 - - 444 comments

They are entirely Eastern Europeans, you will see Romanians, Hungarians, Poles, Serbians and so on.

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