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December Report is out! Explains what we were working on and got done last month including things like; mailbox system, sleeping, furniture placement, world building and more! Also includes a Demo Video.

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Happy New Year Guys!

It is finally 2016 and we've got a lot of work ahead of us. Because of the hiccups last year and having to restart in September it feels like we lost a year of our 2 year estimated development time. However, we are going to work very hard to push our budget, time and work hard together to get a playable Beta as promised by the end of this year or early 2017. December was a bit slow because everyone was on holidays, but we are delivering this update a bit late so we can show off a couple of more things.


Jayden has been working tirelessly as per usual trying to get us up to speed. While doing some research for our animal AI we've been adding up a few little yet very important things. Here are a few things.

Mailbox system:
It has been tested and works in multiplayer. You can write letters and send items to other players by dropping it in their mailbox at their house. As shown in our demo video you can type a title, a message and even change who it's from if you want to remain anonymous or add something else.

Sleeping system:
In our game you can go to bed whenever you feel like it, and going to bed gives you 8 hours of rest and recharges your stamina to full. It does not skip you ahead to the next morning, forcing you to always start your day at 7am. This way players can have more control over how much they can get done and keep playing so long as their stamina is full. Also it feels more realistic, if you need to skip ahead to the next day, just take more naps.

Gold Added:
Gold has been added to the inventory

Breaking Seeds Added:
You can break crops into a single seed bag from your inventory. Some crops will give you multiple crops so let's say you get 6 cranberries, you can take 2 of the cranberries and plant them if you choose.

Placing furniture:
You can select funiture from your inventory and place it in your house. It can detect whether or not it can be placed in a certain area. We still have some bugs to work out but it's coming along very well so far.

Stamina Bar Functional:
Stamina bar goes down with the use of tools.

Besides those, much of last month was spent debugging item drop bugs in multiplayer, however Jayden has gotten a handle on them and believe them to be fixed. So we still got a lot done in the past few weeks.

Game World Development

Whoo new category. So we've officially started world building with adding buildings. The first village we have all the buildings for so far is Spoonie Island. They are not textured yet, but we will be placing the buildings in town to get a feel for how we may want it to look. We'll be adding trees and bushes in February, right now we are just focusing on the buildings. We've also been fixing up the lights and shadows giving the world a softer look.


The lovely noreus is a beast when it comes to quickly getting icons done and they look beautiful!
As you can see we have started working on food and we have a lot, trust me! This picture is only a small sample of each category: Pizza, Alcohol, Ice-cream, Juice, Mixed drinks, Pasta, Soup, Tea, Animal Products. He did abou 170 icons this month which is amazing.

Andrei has been also working on some animations for us. We have 10 new animations like fishing, chopping down wood, breaking stones etc.

Whew wow that was a lot.

What we have lined up to work on for next month!

- Working on the Ranching System
- Shop System
- New music (Clark is back!)
- New buildings
- More world buildings
- Farm animal models and animations
- More food icons

Thanks so much for your support! Be sure to follow us


I love your icon art. c: And overall, your project seems really interesting. I'd definitely give it a try once it's out.
Good luck to you with the development!

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