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This is the biggest update on Deadbuild since it launch on Desura! New gamemode Random map survival, a lot of new features and more...

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Deadbuild 1.1.0 - Random map survival

Hello all!

This is the biggest update on Deadbuild since it launch on Desura!
I have only tested it myself so I release the Random map survival as a beta.
It does not have desert and snow generations ready and balance between the waves is still underwork.


New Gamemode - Random map survival!

The random map is more like a "normal" towerdefence. Your only objective is to survive,
There are 49 Days and the waves are like usually getting stronger everytime. But as the game goes on
the resources are starting to run low and you really need to think about your building placement.

Here is a small video what it's all about.

Making Random map survial
At my last devblog I showed you how I was generating the random map.

Random survival map after 22days

Other changes

There are alot of bugfixes and many changes also affect the campaing!

New Monsters

-Can go trought buildings, untargetable every 2sec, 0 armor

Ghost spirtes

Dark Mage
-Heals nearby troops, makes him a highvalue target

Dark mage walk cycle

I removed collision box from treetop, so you can now walkbehind trees and build behind trees. And as you can see I updated hero sight, so it's easier to hunt down zombies at night.

New herosight and you can walk behind trees now!

If you did not see last time.
Buildings now show hp bar when damaged, monsters now correctly break everything if path is not found, so you better not block a way to the hq or you will lose somebuildings.

Buildings show hpbar when damaged, zombies destroy blocking buildings, new flower, repairing...

Fixed & Changed

* New gamemode

  • -Randomly generated maps with perlin noise.
  • -More like ordinary towerdefence
  • -More resources after 3 boss wave.
  • -50 Days

* Engine changes

* Visual

  • -Particle effect when zombies hits building
  • -Buildings now shows hp if it's ready and has been damaged.
  • -You can walk now behind tall trees, removed the collision box on top of them.
  • -Changed some draw orders, now hpbars and selections draw always top.
  • -First boss sprite updated
  • -Add 1 new flower
  • -Bunnies have now different colors

* Sound

  • -Add sound when zombie hits building

* General

  • -If you trap villager or zombie they won't go nuts anymore
  • -The time between monster spawns is now same, when spawning different monsters.
  • -Hero attack range decreased 5px
  • -Hero targeting system changed, he will now "follow" the target monster, not go to the location targetted
  • -Buffed Gimar and Roses damage.
  • -Updated hero sight at day & night
  • -If move order is to destroyed building it won't upgrade it anymore
  • -If you are supply blocked the population will be drawn on red color
  • -Firetower damage decreased from 10 to 7

* Monsters

  • -Ghost: Can go trought buildings, untargetable sometimes, 0 armor
  • -Dark Mage: Heals nearby troops, Makes him a highvalue target
  • -Particle effect when monster gets more hp.
  • -Roamer zombies speed increased slighty

* Bugs

  • -Autobuild now starts correctly if villagers is at wood,rock,food or crystal.
  • -When building is destroyed you cant build it anymore x2
  • -Restart closes buildmenu
  • -Tower upgrade does not anymore overlap villager icons.
  • -Fixed Mage makebutton now correctly show can you make or not.
  • -Particles reseted correctly at menu screen
  • -If monster dies to AoE damage blood particle effect triggeres correctly
  • -Mouse color now changes only if target is alive


  • -Fixed an Issue with A* pathfinding, now in closed space Villagers won't get stuck so easily
  • -Fixed issue with A* path when unit is blocked he won't walk to 0,0, he will walk to closest available tile.


  • -When you have multiple buildings fog is now updated correctly
  • -Fog updated correctly when Spyglass is researched

I hope you enjoy db!

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