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It has been a busy few months for us, with the completion of our end of year awards and launch of VRDB.com among other things. Seems an update is overdue.

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You may have noticed that we recently added indiedb.com to the DBolical Network. It was a big step for us, our first new site in over 6 years and our first site to utilize a modern responsive mobile friendly design. It is also our first site where we are mixing community content (as we do on ModDB.com and IndieDB.com) with content and coverage written by our editor Daniel Hindes. We chose to do this because with so much occurring right now in VR (across hardware, software, games and entertainment), we want to make sure we don't miss the key stories.

Indie DB - Games and Hardware

Expect to see us cross-promote Indie DB on our network for a while, as we work on growing its community. Any help is welcome (see our job ad), if you know developers working on VR or AR content - let them know about our humble community. We succeed when we help creators share their work, and look forward to doing this once consumer VR hits shelves.

IOTY Winners ad MOTY winners ad

We also wrapped up our Mod and Indie of the Year awards. You may have seen the gorgeous ads running on the site showcasing the winners. It was our most successful event with over 200,000 voters and millions of visitors. Thanks again to everyone who participated, it provides great motivation for us to keep making our network better.

Speaking of which, you might be wondering what is next for us. Well with the help of Erayser, we have begun exploring modernizing the design of ModDB and IndieDB. This doesn't mean the layout will change, but it will mean certain elements are tweaked and the site is made responsive. We shall also be working on better supporting cosmetic smaller mods, because it seems a lot of the creations today fit into these categories. And we shall also work on AJAX'in more of the site so that posting comments, browsing / searching feels a lot nicer than it presently does. Got ideas for us, share them in the comments. Oh and I was recently interviewed by Tim on GoGameBundle, go check it out.


i couldnt care less about vr, and im pretty sure im gonna buy a 240hz monitor instead...but i liked the inverview. "The variety of games they create." - modders and indie devs dont have the borders, and they can freely make unique games, and not the same old boring game every year. that exact reason kept me here as well.

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INtense! Author

We shall be putting a lot of effort into ModDB this year. What would you like to see?

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How about a regular mod/indie contest? Something similar to ludum dare, but with a tad more development time. I think it would be an interesting way of exploring less used themes or mechanics in games.

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+1! Community events are always a good thing!

Edit: Nice interview!

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INtense! Author

We investigated a doom modding content, to keep it simple. What game / challenge would you suggest?

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I would not choose a specific engine because that would exclude people who are not familiar with that specific engine and tool-set.

I suggest a theme and certain simple rules/parameters a project must have to enter the competition.

I would have different categories: Mods and indies, both are able to enter the competition if the theme and rules are met.

Perhaps even two tiers. One "beginners tier" that could encourage people who have little experience to enter (by using easy access engines) and one "open tier" for the more seasoned developer (who prefer to code thing from scratch).

When the deadline is reached, a jury will only check if the submitted projects are within the theme and rules and then have the community vote for the final winners (kinda like the mod/indie of the year awards).

Scott, I'm not sure how I could help you, but I'm always around when you guys should need me for... whatever!

PS: I will think about this more and I will get back to you if I have a great idea or the likes. :)

Edit: A theme for the competition could be community chosen through a poll!

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INtense! Author

Might be worthwhile investigating this kind of idea once we begin testing out the new site. Oh and appreciate the offer to help, great having community members engaging :)

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Sure thing! If you ever need me for something, just send me a PM! :)

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