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A brief backstory and description of each of the 6 major factions in the Dawn of Kings mod which were heavily influenced by the factions formed in the Dawn of Kings RP server.

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The Grand Republic of Zymith -

Led by Doge Edward Flork who rules from the large and prosperous trading city of Zymith, the Grand Republic of Zymith has expanded their influence throughout Veria with not just pure military might, but also with cunning, intrigue and diplomacy. Zymithians have a very proud history if successful military conquests and despite being largely reliant on trade, are no strangers to war.

The Kingdom of Dwellanor -

Led by King James Benoit, the people of Dwellanor claim their ancestry from a stout warlike people from across the sea, who eventually settled in Veria and built a mighty Kingdom from the town of Dwellanis. Dwellanorians are a tough and hardy people and are renowned for being very talented craftsmen as well as skilled warriors, but there is a underlying mistrust between Dwellanor and other nations for their aggressive and warmongering past.

The Kingdom of Ironvale -

Led by King Romulus Flavius, the mountain people of Ironvale have close culutral and religious ties to the steppe peoples of the Dalantai Khanate, who originally lived in the steppes but then migrated into the mineral rich mountains to the South and founded the Kingdom of Ironvale. They are strong willed and are highly known for their well equipped and disciplined infantry on the battlefield.

The Dalantai Khanate -

Led by Khan Osol Dalantai, they were originally wandering nomads from a faraway land who eventually settled in Veria. Although now a Khanate, they still have many tribes within them who are called upon in times of war to fight for their homeland. They have close cultural and religious ties with the people of Ironvale and are known throughout Veria for their hordes of horsemen and horse archers who can plow through any army not prepared to face them.

The Grand Duchy of Fenia -

Led by Grand Duke Sam Iceborn, the Fenian people were originally a mercenary company who grew so powerful that they were able unite the fractured counties and duchies of the taiga under their own banner, forming the Grand Duchy. Although now united, they are still a relatively new nation that haven't fully developed their economy and military but still fields a very well trained and equipped army ready to fight for their homeland.

The Kingdom of Deucalia -

Led by King Gilgamesh, the Deucalians were exiled from their ancestral homeland by the Grand Republic of Zymith after losing a very long and bloody war. As a result, the remains of the Decualian army and it's people escaped to the great desert of Veria conquering the numerous tribes who inhabited the vast and scorching lands annexing them under the Deucalian banner. Now from the capital of Deucalia, they wait for the right opportunity to emerge from sands to take back what is rightfully theirs.

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