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So with Dawn Of Empires rolling up to its 3rd week in development, I thought it would be great to show what has been worked on!

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Development log 2

This week, some new changes have been made to the game, these changes have made changes to gameplay and graphics along with adding new features. The following update list is in 3 catagories, Updated features and graphics, New features, What is being worked on this week.

Updates Features and Graphics:

-GUI box's have been updated to a more fantasy looking texture.

-Production has been changed so building produce less, this means you can't build a huge city in 10 mins.

You can only build 1 barack per city.

New features:

-Baracks now let you train troops

-Buildings take time to build, and have a custom animation of them building

-There is a limit on how many reasources you can have, to increase this you must build more storages.

The GUI has been moved around more visability

A world map has been made and added to the game

A very simple attacking sytem is in place

An ememy city has been added in and can be attacked

What is being worked on:

-Use troops that you have made at your baracks available to fight and moved around the map

-Enemy AI that will attack you

-Improved attacking

-Special attack types for units(Ranged, Melee)

-More citys in the world map

-Ability to take enemy citys and build in them

If you whant to contribute to the development then send an email: kgboi656@gmail.com

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