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Here is the Dave news #2! I will show you about new Content for Dave! I Hope It's alright for you!

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Hello there Players! Welcome to Dave News #2! I will show you around the new stuff for Dave before Releasing! It isn't easy to add Quests and Features for a game but i will try my best with my friend and make this wonderful game!

First of all. Let's start of with Quests... I Removed some of the Quests because they were to easy to complete and i want this game to be challenging. This game is really fun to play (As i know).
If you like Puzzle and Action. This is a great game for you!

Second. Checkpoints... I'm working with Checkpoint system for this game. You will maybe see my example on Checkpoints on the next Update!I'm very happy to release the game for players that need challenges. Not other games like COD Campaign where you just go and kill and win. It is too easy. So if you like to play Puzzle and Action Platformer games. You'll enjoy it :)

Have a great day!

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