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The Kickstarter launch of Darkness Reclamation, the randomly generated action adventure game, featuring randomly generated maps, areas, weapons, enemies, and music. A $5 pledge (CAN) gets the game on release, coming January 2017.

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Welcome to Darkness Reclamation, the action adventure game that aims for each different play-through to bring something new and exciting to the player. While the game is at an alpha stage, it can be shown, but it needs more development funding to be able to be completed and hit the aimed release of January 2017. The game aims to release for PC, on Windows and Linux machines.

Darkness Reclamation is a randomly generated action adventure game, specifically, in the form of a Metroidvania, with aesthetic inspiration from the original Metroid, and gameplay inspiration from platformers like Super Meat Boy. Darkness Reclamation takes place in a world of dying light, and where light doesn't shine, nothing can be seen. In this dying world, however, live creatures that can emit light, illuminating their surroundings. The player is one of these creatures, and is prepared to fight to bring light back to this dark world.

Through many elements of random generation, there is a constant sense of mystery and the unknown. Some of the things being generated differently with every save game, and in real time while you play:

  • Maps: Different map layouts generated every save game
  • Rooms: In each 40x40 map, unique rooms are created
  • Weapons: Different weapons to collect every save game
  • Abilities: New movement options for the player to navigate the world
  • Enemies: Randomized intelligence (passive, aggressive, timid, etc.)
  • Enemy Weapons: Randomized weapons, influencing how they act
  • Music: Every area has randomized music, with scales and tempos which relate to its characteristics

9 Generated Maps taken from in game

For more information on Darkness Reclamation, check out the Kickstarter page, or the games Press Information page. You can also contact me on Twitter, @NykolaR.

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