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Current progress about Project DarkEnd. In-game video showcasing the maps, new in-game screenshots promoting special cut-scenes, new promotional artwork and all that.

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Hello and welcome to our latest update! Today I will highlight the major progresses the team has made in past week.

The beautiful 2D maps (Video)

DarkEnd, is as you can guess, simply a traditional 2D tile-based RPG, just the way you love it, and it goes without saying the maps need to be beautiful, stunning and atmospheric. In DarkEnd the players need to dive into the randomly changing dungeons, to find rare enemies, loots and hidden quests until they
reach the depth of the secrets within.

Please take a quick peek at this in-game footage showcasing dungeon maps.

Cut-scenes and Storytelling.

Dungeons are not the only thing we focus in DarkEnd. Despite being a dungeon crawler, this game is story-driven to the core. To promote storytelling, we planned to put special hand-drawn comic style cut-scenes (some are semi-animated) to engross the experience.

Here are some in-game screenshots of those special cut-scenes.

It's not noticeable here, but panning and zooming effects are used here.

This response will follow if your main character is Griselda.

Or this, if the MC is Xia, the Primagus.

Awesome Promo Art

Last, but not least, here is the promotional artwork for the game. Featuring Xia, the primagus.

That's all for now. Thanks for giving us your time. Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

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