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Happy to finally release Dark Stars, an "anti-shmup" with unique weaponless combat.

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I'm excited to announce the completion of my first major project! Dark Stars is an experimental vertical scrolling shoot-'em-up without shooting. Incapacitate enemy ships by abducting their crews one by one and use their souls to power offensive and defensive abilities. A new gameplay trailer showing off the mechanics is here.

The game features a story-driven and quite challenging 12 stage campaign, along with unlockable mods for added gameplay twists.

It is available for Windows PC (and hopefully more platforms in the near future), and requires (and includes) XNA 4.0 and .NET 4.5 redistributables. Best played with an Xbox 360 gamepad, although other models should work.

The game is available now as a "name your price" download over at axethetail.itch.io/dark-stars. If you like what you play, head over to Greenlight and throw us a vote!

Thanks for playing! Also, seeing as this is my first released game, I will more than welcome any constructive feedback.

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