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Post news RSS Cyclical Circles, the game that will regrow your reflexes

First images, first video and first information about the game and its mechanics.

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Cyclical Circles, what is it?

Cyclical Circles, formerly called "Stoom" is based on the game speed, and reflexes. The goal is to scour all levels by switching between the rings according to the previously displayed at the bottom of the screen or directly in the game, according to the previously selected game mode.

Level 1 - One Circle Mode Level 1 - One Circle Mode

Ok, but the goal in all this?

Four modes are available to the player:

  • Circle One (Pass through the green rings while avoiding the red ones)
  • Multicolors (Pass through the color circle shown at the bottom of the screen)
  • 3 Lifes (. Surviving avoiding red rings After three failures, the game results in a game over)
  • Speedway (Finish the level before the time runs by performing combos that add seconds counter)

Each of the modes will have four levels of difficulty. From, Easy, to Impossible. But the loot drops recovered will get you some usefull skills.

Level 1 - One Circle Mode Level 1 - One Circle Mode


Indeed, the game will have the loot drops over levels 80 objects for each level. You will have a total of 4 different skills, each with three levels of improvement.
Each competency will require the equivalent of 100 loot drops by skill level. Then 2 times the previous amount plus (100 × 2 = 200) for the second stage, then the same thing for the third and final level of competence (600 loot drops).

Where does the development?

The game is still in beta testing but soon a demo will be posted on the ModDB site, and possibly on Crydev. In the meantime, here one video showing the actual rendering of the game :

OrangeNero - - 6,594 comments

Interesting for sure although I don't see why I should get it when I have audiosurf. Does it get faster later on? Oh and you really need some sort of feedback when passing the green gates like a sound or it braking or something.

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Lenox47 Author
Lenox47 - - 676 comments

I don't understand the relationship with Audiosurf. The basic concept may seem similar, but in reality it's very different at all levels.

Audiosurf is primarily a musical video game. Cyclical Circles is a reflex game. The music has nothing to do with the gameplay.

And concerning the speed, I explain in the article there are 4 difficulty modes. So about the difficulty it will be based on speed. So yes, the game will go faster, depending on the difficulty level chosen.

And regarding the passage in the green rings, I just work on it right now. On the red too :)

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OrangeNero - - 6,594 comments

nice to hear :)
one of your gamemodes Circle One thats the gameplay of audiosurf. I see you got some others and loot as well so thats cool.

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Lenox47 Author
Lenox47 - - 676 comments

Absolutely! But you're right to point out the similarity.

However, I want to create a game that is unlike any other. And if the gameplay may seem similar to another game, the atmosphere will be very different ^^

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