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XOOM, CEO of Playnet/CRS and WWII Online, reveals a peak at current developments going on by Wing2 a division of Playnet. Both related to WWII Online and WWII Online Chokepoint. Have a look at some pictures and great plans in progress!

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Wing2 of Playnet/CRS has been actively working on WWII Online: Chokepoint and have recently introduced a new feature we'll be showcasing today which focuses on Character Customization - which also allows for some basic load out modifications. We have worked to prioritize this as we explore new ways to add depth to the future of WWII Online and consider new monetization paths. As it stands we intend to release character customizing to paid subscribers only as a perk for supporting our project(s) and infrastructure. As a reminder, we plan to allow for a single WWII Online subscription to access both products (2 for 1) simultaneously. Continue on to see the current work in progress screen shots and a first look at the new Opel Blitz for Chokepoint!


As we explore new ways to offer subscribers greater value we have been exploring a long requested desire to modify not just your uniforms, but also your weaponry. Right now our testers (who are WWII Online Hero Builders [here]) can explore modifying:

  • Helmets
  • Heads
  • Primary weapon (for certain classes)
  • Grenades
  • Smoke Grenades

We have plans to add more options for character customizing which could be things like battle-hardened uniforms, magazines, sights, etc. These options can come later as development continues and content is produced.

This is significant because everything that is happening here with our infantry here in WWII Online: Chokepoint, will also be compatible with WWII Online 2.0. Everything you see here is the beginning stages of development and is an exciting proposition - are you ready?

Let's take a look at some photos and see how this works.

1 loadout0

2 loadout13 loadout2

4 loadout3

At this point there's a little button at the lower right which shows "spawn" that you click and you're immediately spawned into the game with the gear you've selected. Pretty easy right?

This is a significant development that will be slated for Chokepoint and WWII Online 2.0 specifically in case you were wondering.


Wing2 at Playnet/CRS has been making tremendous progress on Chokepoint and we are grateful for our play testers who are actively providing feedback and helping us make the product more polished for you guys. We'll keep you posted on our release timeline (we aren't quite ready to share that) but as we said, we are committed to continued development news so you can see how things are shaping up.

We'd now like to show you the new Opel Blitz coming to the game. While this vehicle is presently a static object it is built to have a future in the game to be a functional unit - though drivable units is downstream for the development pipeline. Take a look at how awesome it is!


5 OpelBlitz Chokepoint


WWII Online is 100% fueled by player support. As Playnet / CRS seeks to build The Future of WWII Online with some aggressive goals, we need your help to make this possible. Please consider subscribing to help us accelerate game development, the future is now and your support as a subscriber has a direct impact on mission success. Go to Account.wwiionline.com and subscribe now!

ALREADY SUBSCRIBED? Become a Hero Builder and do more!

By becoming a Hero Builder ($29.99/mo or $49.99/mo) you'll gain access to several recognition features, receive special in-game player content and get early access to WWII Online: Chokepoint and WWII Online pre-release testing and top secret development news.

Head to the account pages and upgrade your account.

Click here to learn more about the Hero Builder program. Thanks for your support!

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