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Army customisation isn’t a bit of bells and whistles in Plurum, it’s how you win.

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We talk a lot about the customisability of Plurum - it’s high time to explain what we mean.

Customise your army

As commander you’ll first need to design your army’s emblem and choose its colours. You wouldn’t want your towers to get confused about who they should target!

Customise your towers

Towers are the building block of the entire Skee defense. They're modular platforms for weapons, intelligence systems and power generation. A tower has slots for up to three pieces of hardware and up to three addons.

The Pastemaker


Guns, guns, guns! Choose from laser projectors, precision sniper or machine gun barrels, missile launchers, but don’t forget that defence is about more than just firepower. Hardware is also used to generate the precious power your intelligent systems and energy weapons need to function.


So you’ve chosen your hardware. To make your towers more intelligent and give them some extra abilities, attach up to three addons to any one tower. You'll need something to help it target enemies. Perhaps you’ll need a shield to protect against those that have their own fire power, or an uplink to allow to you communicate with army-wide networks.

Customise your projectiles

Yup. So you’ve decided what sorts of guns a tower is going to have, but surely standard bullets would be, well, boring. As you face different enemies, a range of ammunition types and payloads will come in handy; some to pierce strong armor, others to tag hard to catch enemies with a tracker, to freeze an enemy, or teleport them to a different part of the map.

The amount of Plurum that towers and ammunition cost and how much power they consume will be determined by their firepower, intelligence and complexity. It’s all very well designing a forcefielded, enemy-tracking, mega-nuke-firing super tower - you’ve just got to make sure you have the Plurum to build it and the power to keep it running. Oh, and you're paying by the missile too.

What if I just want to kill me some aliens?

I hear you cry! Well, you can do that. We’re having some fun coming up with a few pre-loaded munitions that’ll you’ve be able to whack into a level without any fuss.

However, we’re not just adding in customisation for the hell of it. As you pass through the campaign’s levels you’ll face different types of enemies, navigate various terrain, face elemental effects that will screw with your tech, and much more besides. You’ll need to think strategically about your defences, responding to the challenges of the game in your own unique style, whilst balancing the resources you have available.

Army customisation isn’t a bit of bells and whistles in Plurum, it’s how you win.

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