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The current status and potential release date for the upcoming top down zombie puzzle game, Immortui. First of a short series of dev logs for the upcoming game.

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For the past few months, I have been working on a small project, and have recently acquired an artist to really make things work. This is also the beginning of a short dev log I will be creating for the final stages of the game, in the hope that any other new developers will be able to learn from my experiences with releasing my first game.

Note: the art in the video is placeholder. Read on for more details!

Immortui is a 2d top down zombie puzzle game. It combines elements of shoot-em-up action and traditional (as well as not so traditional) puzzle games, creating something that is - from my experience - unique and fun!

Status of the game

Currently, the entire map is complete. All the puzzles, enemies, and boss have been completed and are in the process of being balanced. The game will feature around 10-15 different puzzles, with almost every one introducing a new concept. Experimentation will be a key part of solving these puzzles.
There are still a few hitches with the gameplay - some of them bugs, some of them clumsy mechanics, but these will be fixed over the next couple of weeks. The only missing feature is the minimap, which is next on the list!

The art is incomplete. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have only recently acquired an artist, who has had family difficulties for a few days so the art has been progressing slowly. The screenshots we have are the only pieces of art that are not placeholder, but we are hoping that all the art and effects for the game itself (not counting trailers or menu screens) will be completed by next weekend.

Thanks to freesound.org we have most of the sound effects for the game, although some will need to be replaced as we continue to receive user feedback. There is no musician for the game yet - I would make it myself but have no experience with any software used, and I'm sure that someone with experience will do a much better job of it. I'll post an update as soon as we have confirmed who the musician will be.

If everything goes to plan, the development cycle will go something like:
W1 - Art and sound complete.
W2 - Balancing complete.
W3 + 4 - Final polishing.

So we have an estimated release of 4 weeks, but as always these will almost definitely change. I'm pressed for time now, so if you are interested, follow this blog and my twitter @pighead10.

At all stages of the development I am looking for any feedback. Please feel free to critique and comment on anything you see posted!

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That's a strange puzzle game

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