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In this update we talk about the implementation of new ships, new missions, and a galaxy far far away.

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Hello there Twi'leks and Wookies alike!

I'm here to talk with you about our latest work and what we plan on doing for Publish 2.0!

Our current goal for Publish 2.0 is to make our first major push into overhauling the game and getting this release working from what we learned about our 1.0 release. So far, we plan on adding 20 new ships to the roster, a new set of starting ships for people to play with, a new story (starting of one at least), new graphics, sounds, outfits, and a whole new and familiar galaxy for you to explore.

  • 20+ new ships: At the moment, the base number to each publish for ships is 20, 10 per faction. However, the biggest thing to enter the roster is the addition of the Acclamator and the Nebulon-B Frigate. These ships will help us get a grip on balancing heavier and larger ships as well as break ground for the beasts of the 3.0 patch: The Star Destroyer, Mon Calamari Cruiser, and the Assault Frigate Mark II.
  • New outfits: Customized outfits for use that fit within the universe! Also, some custom outfits will include sounds to help bring some immersion into the mix. For example, a TIE engine will add the sound of the TIE fighter to well... your TIE fighter.
  • New missions/jobs: With the huge change coming to the galaxy, many new missions and jobs will be available as time goes on. This can range from doing missions for criminals or high profile nobles to executing missions for the empire or rebels.
  • New galaxy: A custom galaxy, completely replacing the base galaxy! From the core worlds to the outer rim we're adding an extensive, and I mean EXTENSIVE amount of systems to the map. So far our next publish is set to have well over 100 systems!

As we're working on this, we're getting excited about the changes to come and I hope you all are too! Thank you so much for supporting us!

Currently our deadline is December 13th but if problems do arise, then the release date may be pushed!

-Saitama (Ctrl+Alt+Defeat)

ShadowNinja909 - - 58 comments

I can't wait!

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