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Im talking about current situation of mod.

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Hello.Firstly i want to apologise not making any updates on mod.its beacause last couple of weeks were roller coaster for mod and whole modding team.We lost couple of good devs beacause they had some irl stuff so we were stailed in development.That happened after 1.6 release, we had to remake whole stuff beacause some things were changed in that update, and ended up making a mess.Than we were mostly inactive and nobody wasnt doing anything untill yesterday.Yesterday my friend called Cato approached me and told me that he will help me fix the mod.He told me what is the problem and my and my other friend from team started looking in files.Couple of hours later we fixed it.It doesnt crash any more and we need to relocate units cuz they were all placed is Romania for some reason.Anyways im sorry again.Mod is not dead and it wont be sooner or later.We are looking for new developers too:

-Coders(Focus trees, events, etc)
-Designers (Focus trees, Tech trees, etc)
-Lore Researchers (Lore for events, dates, political parties, etc)

For more informations join our discord: Discord.gg
(Its not april fools joke btw, its legit)

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