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This is updated list of all 3d modellers, coders, creators of Open Source Packages that helped me create Paradigm Worlds mod.

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When I started modding year ago, [EDIT: 2021 - it's been a couple years more now] I knew absolutely nothing about coding [EDIT: 2021 - I feel like this didn't change much]. Now I know a little bit more. In this place I have to thank to all people who helped me directly on the forum by giving osp codes, or helped me just by teaching coding theory.


I am a photographer, so some work with texture I could do. I tried to modify as much "original osp" textures, not because I didn't liked them – opposite, I think that they are very orignal, by I am truly ashamed, that I am unable to create my own 3d models. So I wanted to give something more, than just copy/paste objects. So I did a lot of redesigning of textures.

About all OSP's: It was a great fun adding this stuff to Paradigms. To watch closely how detailed and imagintive their work can be was a very good experience. So big thanks for:


I cannot now imagine Paradigm Worlds without additional music. Brought to this mod entirely by MrHuspire:


Thanks to him Paradigm Worlds have atmospheric & immersive sounds

Here are songs, albums and authors:

Adrian Von Ziegler - Various

#Game OSTs
Simon Woodington of trideja.com - Soundtrack from the game Meteor
Urban The Cyborg project OST
Dune - Ornithopter

#Classical, Folk
Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre
Red Army Choir: Polyushka Polye
Белая Армия, черный Барон
Революционный марш
Николай Прилепский - Левый марш
Beethoven: Ruins of Athens Op 113 Dervish Chorus

#Covers, Remixes
Red Alert 3 - Soviet March metal cover
White Army, Black Baron - Communist March (Rock Version)
Deep Blue The Helicopter Tune
Noisia - Stigma (Neosignal Remix) (Official Video)
Terminator War Of The Machines - BlackVenom Ash

#Royalty free
Skyzo Maniak - Bolly-Step
Krayb David - Shift Knob¨
Hypercube - Astigmatic Abstinence
Nebula Boss Fight -- Breakbeat/Loop -- Royalty Free Music
Action Escape Techno Drum and Bass Copyright Free Music
In the fairy woods Medieval music No copyrighted music
New Moon by Foresense

#With permission of Avery Alexander
Stealth Music - Warrior
Stealth Music - Wasteland
Gaming Music - Glaciers
OST Music - Goodbye is Not Forever
OST Music - Casualties


I am responsible for adding following music, songs:

506__twistedlemon__octguitar - Soundcloud.com - Author: Video Jack
19487__halleck__jacobsladdersingle2.flac - Freesound.org - Author: Halleck
27151__roscoetoon__water-drip-echo2.wav Freesound.org - Author: Sclolex
327925__ylearkisto__henkiloauto-vanha-veivikaynnistys-tyhjakaynti-old-car-start-attempts-with-a-crank-start-idling-motor-shut-down-buick-a-1929-model.wav Freesound.org Author:YleArkisto
386415__ylearkisto__ompelukone-polkukone-old-sewing-machine-with-pedal-from-1920s-a-shoemaker-at-work.wav Freesound.org Author:YleArkisto
128472__klankbeeld__royal-air-force-radio-03.flac - Freesound.org - Author: klankbeeld
244961__patricklieberkind__dark-ambience.wav - Freesound.org - Author: PatrickLieberkind
193692__julius-galla__atmosphere-horror-1-loop.wav Freesound.org - Author: julius-galla
11683__bram__01-barcelona-bcn-airport-gate39-announcement - Freesound.org - Author: Bram
90644__sirplus__belly-monologue.wav - Freesound.org - Author: sirplus
172369__klankbeeld__marching-boots.wav Freesound.org Author: klankbeeld
181805__klankbeeld__heart-beat-increasing-116642.wav Author: klankbeeld
262267__gowlermusic__radio-static.wav - Freesound.org - GowlerMusic
258348__tristan-lohengrin__spaceship-atmosphere-03.flac - Freesound.org - Author: Tristan_Lohengrin
39222__amliebsch__voice-from-hell.wav - Freesound.org Author: amliebsch
251483__tristan-lohengrin__quad-moto-start-up.wav Freesound.org Author: Tristan_Lohengrin
31297__freqman__silent-movie-sam-fox-hurry-music.wav - Freesound.org - Author: FreqMan
48370__gelo-papas__clock-tics-contact.wav - Freesound.org - Author: Angel_Perez_Grandi
165765__setuniman__epic-intro-0u-32m.wav - Freesound.org - Author: Setuniman
383020__cell31-sound-productions__machine-run-stop-x6.wav - Freesound.org - Author:Cell31_Sound_Productions
197355__eric1223__power-core-2.wav Freesound.org Author: Eric1223
213275__thetunk__dramatic-drums-and-strings-120bpm-1.wav - Freesound.org Author: TheTunk
27511__drni__old-radio-noise-findstation-switchoff-ukw.wav - Freesound.org Author: DrNI
33447__dobroide__20070407-slaughter-04.wav - Freesound.org - Author: dobroide
114594__herbertboland__generator1.wav - Freesound.org Author: HerbertBoland
187946__stonedb__horror-atmo.wav - Freesound.org Author: StonedB
171233__orbitalchiller__clock-music-box-spring-mechanism-wind-up.wav - Freesound.org - Author: OrbitalChiller
219167__zagi2__baroque-intro-loop.wav - Freesound.org Author: zagi2
177769__x86cam__dramatic-sting.wav - Freesound.org - Author: x86cam
120091__sepal__endingepic.wav - Freesound.org - Author:sepal
236894__chimerical__cinematic-suspense.wav - Freesound.org Author: chimerical
114595__herbertboland__generator2.wav - Freesound.org Author: HerbertBoland
75189__herbertboland__bunchofflies.wav - Freesound.org Author: HerbertBoland
118445__timbre__remix-3-of-118426-acclivity-evacuationadvice.flac - Freesound.org - Author: Timbre
30192__erh__string-1-loop.wav - Freesound.org Author: ERH
264284__mattc90__epic-tribal-drums.wav - Freesound.org Author: Mattc90
346455__airwolf89__epic-battle-music-1.mp3 - Freesound.org - Author: Airwolf89
361339__spoonsandlessspoons__device-powering-up.wav - Freesound.org - Author: spoonsandlessspoons
506__twistedlemon__octguitar.wav - Freesound.org Author: TwistedLemon
259758__mnslugger20__m4-assault-rifle-firing.wav - Freesound.org - Author: mnslugger20
333832__nick121087__demonic-woman-scream.wav - Freesound.org - Author: nick121087
387922__setuniman__scheming-1o95.mp3 - Freesound.org - Author: Setuniman
204310__anderz000__angry-boat-7-inception-horn.mp3 - Freesound.org - Author: anderz000
244417__lennyboy__scaryviolins.ogg - Freesound.org - Author: lennyboy
76405__dsp9000__old-church-bell.wav - Freesound.org Author:
Freesound.org - Author: Timbre

MOST IMPORTANT: great thanks for the TLD for making their mod OSP. Thanks to all people from The Last Days mod for Warband.

I have used models and textures for creating whole faction of "tolkien" of my mod, as well I used many objects and textures for other in-game purposes. Armors, swords, bows – they are so many in my mod thanks to creators of mod The Last Days.

Link to osp www: Forums.taleworlds.com and list of all TLD makers: Mbx.streetofeyes.com

I cannot tell witch object or texture was made by whom exactly, but I can tell this: without their work my mod could not exist.


  • GAREDYR – for cannibalism kit code osp, helping with coding in polish warband forum

  • GAREDYR, MAT BERSEKER, LEW, FIRENTIS from polish warband forum for all help with coding, with all Q&A

  • Q&A Thread in warband forum which helped me a lot: Lord of Shadows, MitchellD, Lumos, jacobhinds, Ikaguia, gdwitt, The_dragon, Somebody, kraggrim, kalarhan ,

  • Thanks to all authors from PYTHON SCRIPT/SCHEME EXCHANGE – even if I didn't use all of codes I learned a lot from them and their authors

      • The Ultimate Introduction to Modding by Lumos

      • [Tutorial] Make your own Companions - Malik Faris

      • [OSP][code][Tutorial] New Building for Towns: Orphanages (Combo School & Mill) - Malik Faris

      • Adding a new race - pentagathus

  • kt0's guide to overpowered items – kt0

      • Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment – modmerger version – Caba`drin

  • Freelancer 1.51 – taragoth

  • Dynamic Kingdom Troop Tree Presentation - dundee


Counterpoint – shuriken models

RGCoTL's - RGCoTL's Rome objects

Zimke Zlovoljni - Ficus's Roman Pack

Xenoargh - Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack, Camel Model

As0017 - Some Vietnamese items Llew - Flintlock Firearms OSP

Wilk22 - Single Hussar Wing OSP

bogmir - [OSP] ITEM Fantasy set, Samurai weapons OSP

fede.caprari - Soviet Officer Uniform



k0nr@d - [OSP] [Item] Pegasus Armory [v1.08 11.04.2015]

Dariel - [OSP] Star Wars Samurai/EU Items

Sherlock Holmes - [OSP][Items]Riot Police OSP

Willhelm - 19th Century Firearms

Willhelm - Ultimate 17th Century Pack

Gothic Knight - Classical Italian/Roman items OSP Dankmar - Dankmars fantasy armors

Sphere - ModMerger framework 0.2.5 ( Fisheye - [code][Kit] Customize troops feature for your mod Caba`drin - [WB, SP, Code] Custom Player Party Name (Open Source) Xenoargh - [OSP] SimpleLoot MartinF - Duel Kit v0.5 released Caba`drin - [WB, SP, Code] Custom Player Kingdom Vassal Titles (Open Source)

Rubik - [code]The World Map to show the exact realm of factions

surrealms race pack – I couldn't find authors, however this is their list of thanks. I think this is their credits: Thorgrim for the BRF Editor

Hellequin for Blender SMD export script

Yoshiboy for the great tutorials

JIK for the Module System documentation

Claudio. Most of installation text - the grammatically correct part - borrowed from him.

TES4-OSP-Weapons - Nexons Armory - All models and textures by Nexxon


There are probably some of the banners from this banner-pack: Arked-Draggon Alternate Clan Banner Pack (with matching Heraldic backs). Their creators:


- Orginal creators of the native Warband banners & script files

- Chadz and the Donkey Crew for the cRPG version of the script

- Kalam, Arked, Overdriven, and Niemand for their work on the banner packs

- Overdriven for coming up with the script edit idea for matching Heraldic backs

- Mendrak aka Mendo for matching d.dds & helping with the slot images

- Mendrak, Entar, and Vingnir for general assistance and tips

- All the folks who have created custom Clan/Faction banners for this pack and others

Barf_Skeleton_Army_v2 – Mbrepository.com - Barf

TES4-OSP-Weapons - 27.June:Andragorn'sWeapons2; 28.June:Nexxon Updated (Nexons Armory, Jojjo's Weapons, Andragorn's Weapons (HighPolys), Andragorn's Weapons 2, TES4-OpenSourceProject-Weapons) from credits/thanks of author of this pack: Thanks to all the talented modellers and texturers, who have created these beauty items! Thanks to Morgh for his great Warband Mod Tools, which I used to put the weapons ingame! They're really easy to use, but mighty! Thanks to mtarini for his great OpenBRF, which I used to port the Oblivion-modells into Mount&Blade! You're all doing a really important work for our community!

There is something problematic about Calradia:Modern Warfare OSP. I tried to assure that using objcts from this mod is legal, fair (link:Calradia:Modern Warfare OSP

my post – madguarang is the last, but necro and without answer)

As I understand – nemeruis – was the author of some objects in this mod. As he stated his work as OSP I have used some (just a few) models from this mod. If anyone knows about problems with it, please give me some info. Used objects: some helmets, shotgun, ak47, 2 or 3 soldier suits. As nemuruis stated that theese are his objects, credits goes to him.

motomataru's formations (in modmerger pack) – motomaru


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