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Here is a list of all the credits for external assets used in this game

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treeIcon1 from Opengameart.org

enemyIcon1 from Opengameart.org
"Attribute Stephen "Redshrike" Challener as graphic artist and William.Thompsonj as contributor. If reasonable link to this page or the OGA homepage."

playerIcon1 from Opengameart.org

TerrainToolsSampleAssets from the Unity Team

Dani Devy - Grappling Gun(modified): Github.com

Motocross menu image Pixabay.com

Cinemachine UnityPackage: Docs.unity3d.com

Immortal font:

Eve by J.Gonzoles, Alex, Swat, and Gas Mask from Mixamo.com

Motorcycle idle sounds from Soundjay.com

Motorcycle driving sounds from Zapsplat.com

Spark Particle Effects from Sherbb's Particle Collection from the Asset Store.

Skybox series free by Avonix from unity store (listed as skyserie freebie in project)

Bullet Impact Sounds from Actionvfx.com

Grenade sounds from Zapsplat.com

LuckyCloverGames Author

Addition to list of credits:

Tank model: Free3d.com

Duane's Mind Transport Helicopter from Unity Asset Store

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