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Building a divine temple, tune in and see its progress and learn to build one yourself perhaps!

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Documenting some level building for my game Creator Wizard Seth's Strategy Fps which can be found on indie DB and also at my website www.creatorwizardseth.com

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Doing some simple documentation on creating a new level to play around in. Presented here are some basic elements. A ramp, some arches, a cylinder, some pillars, and a platform. Believe it or not we can really do a lot with these simple elements. Don't forget that I am a magical wizard from the fifth dimension and I can actually bend and twist and curve these things to fit my needs.

Here we are already starting to make some progress. We can see some symmetry forming, a second platform, and an archway that is curved giving us the beginnings of an entrance to some sort of structure.

Now we can see a more developed structure on the left, compared to the less developed on the right. Notice that the structure on the left has a foundation of concrete that makes it separate from the floor material.

Now we have a ramp connecting the lower platform to the upper and some more details on the curved archway. There is a bridge connecting the two sides of the platforms completing a higher level of symmetry and beauty and coherency.

Now we continue to see progress. the rooftop really completes things and there is a concrete floor material under the archway also separating it from the floor. Things are starting to look more developed. Also notice there is a tunnel in the center of the structure that will lead to a lower level.

The round cylinder marks the area where the tunnel leads to. There is also now a similar structure nearby that now only needs to be connected or completed in some way as it does look a little too primitive. The design is still lacking interconnectedness but there is more room to improve.

Now things are really coming together. The two structures being connected really adds a sense of connectedness and there is a rocky terrain below the structure leading who knows where. You can also see there is now an additional tunnel that will lead back behind the structure.

This is an excellent place to end this post, tune in next time to see where things are going! Leave a comment and follow my profile.

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