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We want to let people have the chance to create they own unique MeU in Elpetz

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What is a MeU

A MeU is a made up of lots of different nice dreams, all mushed together into a cute and friendly character. Each Meu is different from the next one , they can be found in lots of different styles and colours, each player will have to create their own MeU , which allows them to interact with their world and pets as well as other players.

How do I make my own MeU

We have created a template that anyone can download and paint over , once you are happy with your design then post the picture on our facebook page and we will add it to the demo that is coming out over the weekend and YES I said demo , we have put together a small demo so that everybody will have the chance to create their own unique skin for use in Elpetz game, once it is launched.

Link to the template

Link to the facebook page

There are no restrictions (nothing rude please) on what you can paint onto the skin so let's see you all JUMP INTO YOUR IMAGINATION and come up with some weird and wonderfully ideas!!!

We can not wait to see what you can come up with and what you think to the demo coming soon.

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