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A post detailing our plans for the upcoming Crawle patch, 0.9.0.

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So, 0.9.0. There's a few things I want to address this patch.

1) The temperature system. I feel like when I implemented it in 0.7.0 it wasn't very good. So, with this patch I've already redone the temperature system:

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- The maximum temperature is now 100 and the minimum is 0.
- You can now only lose temperature at night or during rain/snow.
- You can no longer die of low/high temperature, instead you will black out at 0.
- Low temperature will now continuously effect stats (energy, hunger and sanity).

2) I'd like to add a quiver system. Basically, arrows take up an inventory slot each which can get annoying. The quiver will allow you to store up to x arrows.

3) Multiplayer. I'd like to improve this a lot because frankly the net code isn't great.

So there you have it, this is what the majority of 0.9.0 will be. Hopefully it'll be done soon-ish (it won't take as long as 0.8.0, that's for sure).

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