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My ideas from crafting and building safe areas as well as Kill streaks

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Over the years I have always played games and wished certain things could be done. Anything from openly being able to explore every inch of the games world, to being able to add a touch of my own style to it. My idea for crafting and building should play right into this. My game right now is currently being designed to where you can walk into any area on the map, you won't be limited. So why not allow the person to build safe areas where ever they please as well? Basically what you will be able to do is, find different items through out the world and craft them into useful objects. Maybe you find all the parts needed to build a generator and now you can build one to power lights in your safe area. Maybe you found some support beams and want to build a better wall. My ideas for this type of system seem endless and I'm already well on my way to implementing this.

The Kill streaks idea was given to me on a facebook group today. At first I wasn't quite sure how that would even fit, but then I remembered I plan on having super powers in this game. What could be a better way to implement awesome killing powers than kill streaks?

I'm making quite a bit of progress this week, stay tuned for more updates :)

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