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Changes made and not made to Counter Sniper for update 0.05.

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Alpha 0 05 Faceplate

Before we get into the changes, check out the latest update here:

Counter Sniper Alpha 0.05

Now onto a few more details about the update.

Art14 ChangeLog

This update was largely focused on making the map more interactive. To that end, exploding canisters have been added to the world.

And breakable cover has been added into the world, mostly walls, but also some smaller, more complex pieces.

Also, a new enemy variant has been added into the world to occasionally fire rockets at the player. Low fire rate, low spawn rate, but very high damage. Definitely, someone to look out for.

SC Mercs 4Lanucher

Hopefully, in the next update, I will also have time to add some doors and window shutters so the player can close themselves up, but that didn't make it in this time around.

Other big changes, there is now a weapon selection screen as well as four main weapons to choose from. The Moon Shot and the Proto-90 have been added in, one very long range and one fairly short range.

GunAd Proto90

I've also finally enabled the smoke grenade launcher, something that's been in-game, but inaccessible for a few months. Press "3" in-game to use it. Works best if you fire it near yourself instead of across the map, but it should still work offensively if anyone wants to try to arc the grenades into their enemies heads.

Oh, and armor got updated so it now takes multiple hits, the vest takes a few more bullets than the helmet. So, aim for the head.

If you want to get a ping next month about some updates, follow me here on IndieDB. If you want to chastise me for not adding more weapons and enemies in hopes I'll do it next time, join the Discord. And if you want some random links and pictures, check out my Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

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