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We're reaching the hilltop and are moving towards a steadier pace of releases... Big releases! This one in particular is one of the major ones for the setup and we can't wait to get everyone's opinions each and every update. Quite a lot was done with this update so have a look!

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2013 IOTY Wallpaper

Man is it cold as I try to type with frozen fingers. Many of you have had it a lot worse and we hope it's finally letting up with even some of our Dev's dealing with frozen pipes and lack of power. I personally love the winter but look forward to Spring for more than 1 reason!

But back on track. We managed to find some time to take a breathe and put together this Patch and are already preparing another one which we hope to include one of our Kickstarter's Melee Weapons and more with a possible announcement shortly after.

"Early Access" Build 4209 - Changelog:

  • Fixed Zombie Player climbing so it's more consistent and user friendly
  • Fixed the bug where the phone's text is broken whene one adjusts their resolution or video options before playing
  • Fixed Eugene "ghost" or "clown" face bug for people with low settings (missing face texture when flashlight is shown on the player's face
  • Fixed zombie missing internal gib models glitch with melee weapon gibbing
  • Added our shotgun & scoped rifle unload feature (animations and sound)
  • Optimised bullet firing code improving on lag compensation further
  • Optimised lag compensation to take into account current game-mode and team (No lag compensation for other survivors for survivors as it plays no role in extraction etc.)
  • Fixed issue with ironsights counting as a firing event, further optimising the lag compensation
  • Fixed floating zombies or zombies dying when removing legs/gibbing of legs
  • Fixed shotgun not auto pumping while sprinting
  • Added melee and explosion gibs to player zombies
  • Fixed zombie players not dying the same way as AI zombies, (1 pistold shot instead of 2 for brainbox headshots mostly)
  • Optimised nailgun 'fake' barricade drawing code
  • Fixed glitch that allowed multiple players to play as the same character
  • Adjusted code for model changing when changing team (Still chasing zombie model survivor bug, hope we caught it)
  • Fixed weapon deploying after getting off a ladder
  • Fixed missing skybox textures for low settings and optimised heavily in the process
  • Created fully networked voice command system (On hold till we finish recording our Actors large list of responses)
  • Added voice volume detection system for characters, when to whisper, shout and speak normal for voice commands (as mentioned still on hold till we complete recordings in the studio)
  • New phoneme data system to work with our wWise sound engine
  • Optimised player code, removed unused functions related to timing and checks for obsolete code
  • Added leg gibbing animations for both male zombies
  • Optimised phone-system and made it more secure on server
  • Fixed bug with players not showing other players on the phone in Hunted
  • Fixed all phone systems when changing current item, whether that be player or objective
  • Fixed radio tower button in RPD that doesn't highlight like the rest of the buttons
  • Fixed pickup trucks not having proper alpha mask for random colouring of vehicles
  • Added 9-way look animations to survivor AI, preparing for motion capture animation setup
  • Zombies now don't push against RPD doors that are locked, allowing for kill exploiting
  • Nav_mesh fixes on ALL maps and additional clipping on maps to prevent escaping the world bounds
  • Sliding doors in RPD will not kill players any more
  • RPD escape helicopter is now solid and will push players away when landing
  • Added additional key-spawns in RPD to help players who have issues finding keys (multiple keys spawned in multiple areas but still requires exploration)

For those that missed last week's "Friday Frenzy" Stream & Giveaway here is an edited version on YouTube!

We know some have grown impatient and are either holding off until or fuming till we release new Content especially new maps. We're getting very close to a release for Barlowe Square (the largest Official Source Map ever created) with all hands on board and will be out asap as well as other new content. The wait will be worth it!

If you're interested in our "Friday Frenzy" Stream & Giveaway you must partake in theTwitch.tv channel chat and be following the channel itself!

We stream our Official Contagion "Friday Frenzy" via our Twitch.Tv Account at- Twitch.tv every Friday @ 7:00PM PST/PDT (GMT- 8:00) -Click here for current time-and will pass out one or more free copies of Contagion during the Stream!

Happy to announce that Halleck Cui is back with us after his time at 2K Games and we couldn't be more excited as his work is professional and bringing part of the family back home is just a bonus. This will increase productivity and with us redesigning with enough nostalgia "CE_Biotec" also being worked on by Jason "DeeJ" Woronicz our old friend from NeoTokyo, he will play a vital role.

The Announcements are coming and sooner than we expected! One of which was Biotec in today's announcement. Keep checking back for more as we reach the top of the hill and are able to release more and more at a steady pace.

-The Contagion Team

Guest - - 695,669 comments

Can we see some screens of the map your making ?

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

Soon most definitely. We've pointed out that we want it to make a big impact and not have the community spoiled early. :)

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Guest - - 695,669 comments

It's gonna be a open world map ?

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

Large but there are limits with this Engine. We're not trying to compete with Open World Survivalist (Eat/Drink/etc/quests) genre which I'm still waiting to see if they hit the mark myself eagerly.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Renay - - 210 comments

how big compared to the police station is it?

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

3-4x biggers if you consider the different floors each map has like in apartments and such as well.

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Tabajara77 - - 311 comments


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ChrisTheGamer - - 1 comments

Quick Question, can I use my xbox controller/gaming controller for this game?

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