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It has come to my concern that it may be best for me to compose this mod instaid of using tracks from movie scores and other media stuff. One reason being that if someone plays my mod as a LP, they might get flagged for licensed song. I do not want that to happen to whom plays this mod in the future. So I will compose every level and atmosphere of that level, and this can lead to interesting ways to play with music based on the situation. I want this mod to be original as possible.

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So ya, I will compose the themes and atmospheres for this mod. While I do not know how to read notes, I do have a good ear for music melody, harmony and all that jazz. I have always been interested in video game scores that captures that feeling of the atmosphere when you hear a piece, and it takes you back to that moment in the game. I want to create that feeling for this mod. It will be a challenge but a fun one at that. It will make or break the mod. I have uploaded a demo concept track on the videos tab and here are some links to my other work that ive done. I very allot when it comes to musical themes.

Lastly, the theme I am aiming for is orchestral score. Now granted if there is a particular sound or feeling that I cannot achieve due to what I am working with, then ill search for royalty free music and credit as proper.

Also I hope y'all don't take this as "Hes just promoting other stuff besides his mod." No that's far from the case, I just want to get a clear indication of what I can do and have the potential of doing for this mod.
Reverbnation site that I upload some finish concept or full songs. All of them will not be featured in the mod, but "The Old Manor" I am working on and might be the main theme for the mod.

UBCS_Recruit_Muffin - - 175 comments

That's actually pretty good, I like this score. It's too bad that you don't get much attention on this, you've got a great amount of stuff done in it.

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jssjr90 Author
jssjr90 - - 232 comments

I'm just grateful that it gets attention even if its small non the less. School is as few weeks left, then a few more weeks to have allot more time to relay dive into development of this mod as much as I can.

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