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Information on the release date and progress of Beam Down Drone as of February 19th, 2016

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As you probably know from this indieDB page, Beam Down Drone does not have a release date. Officially, that is. Unofficially, with my current projections, Beam Down Drone will be complete by early June at the latest. The Alpha should be finished by Mid-April, again, at the latest. I am currently on break and working on BDD at a faster rate than I ever have before, blazing through features and content at a rate that should land us past the Alpha during late March. However, my estimates can be off sometimes, so don't count on it too much. As of now, we have these things to finish:

-Voice Acting (Almost Entirely in place)
-Player Abilities[Shield, Speed, Bounce, etc.]
-The final level
-The boss fight, it's respective level and special animation/features that go with that.

It looks like a lot, but honestly, we have been going at a pace of ~1-2 items per week now so it shouldn't take that much longer.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop ranting. Please ask any questions, comments or concerns on this page or on our twutterz if you have them, and have a great time.

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