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A brief description of Conflict and War in Brunelleschi: Age of Architects.

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Competitive Scenarios introduce some friction into the prosaic world of Brunelleschi, requiring players to pick a side, Contributing or Detracting from scenarios with their Attributes. The Scenario will have a Threshold, a target number for both attributes that must hit + or - 100% for the Scenario to End.

Players can wind up spending a lot of action points this way, and as such the Scenarios usually don't have much in the way of Contribution or Detraction rewards. Only the team able to push the Scenario to the finish line will get completion rewards, and sometimes this will also come with penalties for the losing team. Additionally, the bonus (or penalty) from completion for the whole Settlement or possibly the entire World will be determined by the outcome. Some Scenarios create week-long advantages for the winning team, and could be essential to upsetting the balance of power! Other scenarios have greater rewards for the outcome that penalizes the settlement, allowing a small group of players to gain advantage at the expense of everyone else in the Settlement.

Military Scenarios

Military Scenarios are by nature competitive, and will be one of the major uses for high leveled Characters' Action Points. It takes 25 AP to even contribute to this assault, and my powerful Commander Lord isn't able to make much of a dent in the battle even without resistance. If I were being opposed in this battle, the Combat engine would kick in and there would be a Battle, but there will be more on that in a later post.

Here I've contributed to the scenario. My Character is a well-equipped Commander Lord with high Attributes, but it looks like it'll take at least 3 more full AP cycles to complete the assault! Large wars will consist of thousands of players in dozens of active scenarios.

My AP is exhausted so I switch to my Hero. He's not very powerful and is a Mercenary, not a Soldier, so he's balanced somewhat towards Trader Attributes. His Acumen and Arithmetic will still help in Battles with other players though, and he'll be extra useful if this assault turns in to a Raid. Make sure your Citizens support the battles you initiate. They can detract from the scenario internally, and you may have to punish 'traitors', or allow that form of dissent. It's your call, Sovereign.

He can contribute a few times, but his Level ~100 Attributes aren't going to do much. You'll need dozens of powerful Heroes and Lords to accomplish even the simplest of Assaults, and that's without any Resistance! Combat favors the Defenders numerically, but then they have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Contributing takes some time so I'll upvote my Liege's contribution. It's not a lot of Importance since it's Pledge-to-Liege Upvoting, but it passes the time and every little bit helps when you're going for Top Rank.

Discordian's Attributes are a drop in the bucket, it's going to be a long night of Assaulting this Forest Outpost if we don't get some Reinforcements! If the Scenario ends without completion, we'll have failed to assault and worked ourselves into a quagmire even without resistance. The ensuing 'Standoff' scenario would give the defenders a chance to jump on our mistake and do some damage.

Rafiki is typical of the test account Citizens of Opher Thyre. He's not going to be much use in this war, as his minuscule AP and negligible attributes just won't have any impact. He'll have to Level up and prepare for next time.

Speaking of Next Time, I'll be talking about the next 6 Attributes and what they mean for Heroes, Ministers, and Sovereigns, then back to Warfare for more detailed information about the Combat System. Thanks for reading, please drop by BruneGame.com and try the game!

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