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Farm and battle in the all-new Beta! Bug fixes and more!

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What's New?

  • Added rounds, so the game is now best 2/3
  • Added traps the farmer can use against the bunny
  • Added scene transitions
  • Added tutorial
  • Added truck rumble and exhaust to indicate that team is close to winning
  • Fixed scoreboard going over 25, bunny going out of bounds, positioning of carried crops, movement animation, collider bugs, guidance text positioning and size


  • Many of the changes made were bug fixes to improve quality of life for the player and make them feel more in control
  • The traps are aimed at giving the farmer more power against the bunny
  • The rounds enable players to try different characters
  • The tutorial is to explain controls to the player

What's Next?

  • Next, we will revisit sound effects and tweak/add more
  • We're going to add guidance for the pepper and traps
  • Continue fixing bugs and listening to player feedback


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