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A wild new community manager appears! I, Angel introduce myself to the world as BruneGame's Community Manager.

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(See original blog post at Brunegame.blogspot.com )

A wild Community Manager appears!

Will you:


Oops wrong game ;) We are talking about Brunelleschi! Italian broo-nel-les-kee: Italian architect Filippo Brunelleschi

Hi I’m Angel and I am excited to be getting started as the new community manager for Brunelleschi: Age of Architects!

I’ve been playing video games since I was in the womb. The gaming community is where I feel the most comfortable, so I’m especially looking forward to meeting a lot of new people who share common interests. I love talking to people but it has become much harder for me lately, as medical issues prevent me from getting out of my house much. Not to mention my social anxiety!

In addition to the simple joy of chatting with and getting to know other enthusiastic gamers, I’m looking forward to tackling the challenges of this role with my love of solving problems and strong sense of pride in fulfilling duties and tasks well. This will help me feel like I am part of the community again, and I’m so excited!

As I am getting to know this project, a few things jump out at me: this game will come across as complicated if you've never played a grand strategy genre game. If you don't know what a grand strategy game is, it is basically a more in-depth strategy game with social, political and economic conflicts. You aren't concerned with the next step, but planning a future as opposed to the RTS which only has 1 goal.

Some initial tips for players just getting started with me:

Create your Lord character if you want to build up an empire, and focus on getting workers to gather resources for you. You can work together with other players and help each other out, which could make this a strong community game, unless you enjoy having multiple accounts and play solo.

One concept this game brings that many others don't is the fact that it is browser based game, meaning you can play it anywhere. Yes, that means you can play it at work, or anywhere with internet! Even on your phone. Plus, it's the type of game where you can pick it up, put it down, and come back to it at any time. To get started, it only takes a simple one-click login with the most popular social media (E.G. Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google+) or an email.

Don't feel like you will be limited either. If you want to change things up or experience another role, multi-accounting is not frowned upon and is actually encouraged as you explore the game.

Because of its complexities, options, and reliance on community, this game has much potential and I am looking forward to seeing where we take it together!

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