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Back again with some more Lore from Agentaaa. Today I bring you the divisions that will be used within the game, you'll have some as allies in the singleplayer campaign or something, to be honest, he's the storywriter, not me, so I've got no idea.

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--"Bolshevik" Division - The commanding squad of the Forgotten, the Bolshevik division is primarily Russian and are the only division to use the old Soviet Mammoth tanks in combat. As the commanding division, the Bolshevik's soldiers are highly skilled members from other divisions conscripted into the Bolshevik's ranks. As a result, they are the best-trained Forgotten division, tasked with defending high-risk areas, and taking out the hardest targets. A great example of this was when they led the final push into Volgograd, destroying the Nod Obelisks head-on with their fearsome Mammoth tanks and inspiring the troops to overwhelm the Nod line.

--"Sicarii" Division - A Covert Ops division which is not fully trusted by the other divisions. Skilled in the use of mortars and Visceroids, they are also fond of scouts and are known to occasionally loot Nod Recon bikes for personal use on the field. They are possibly made up of former Nod soldiers as well, adding to their untrustworthiness at times.

--"Carbonarii" Division - A regular armor division, they are highly trained and follow doctrine mostly revolving around direct assault. They are very skilled in the use of War Dozers and heavy tanks. They prefer to rely on militia in high numbers for anti-infantry combat rather than the more advanced scouts. They are considered the best division of the Forgotten army at direct assault tactics and they carry some of the most decorated heavy tank crews in the world. It's rumored that their commander uses a mammoth tank with a flame weapon attached to the front, called "The Devastator."

--"Black Lions" Division - A logistical division, they are highly skilled in various combat tactics and are normally used to reinforce other divisions on the field. They are considered to have some of the most highly-skilled strategists. While the Black lions do not eschew the use of any weaponry, they primarily focus on using mortars to bring down enemy emplacements hastily.

--"Zulu" Division - A mostly African military division, the Zulus named themselves after their famous ancestors. Most of the Zulu tactics rely on lightning-fast assaults that overrun enemy positions, and as a result the Zulu rely heavily on their Technicals, UH-1 and Chinook helicopters, as well as their specially designed M34 Shermans. These Shermans possess more speed but even less firepower and armor than a Nod light tank, and are generally used to quickly rush past enemy divisions and wreak havoc on base structures and enemy light vehicles. The Zulus prefer the vehicle's speed and maneuverability to the Soviet heavy tanks adopted by the rest of the Forgotten army.

--"Forest Brothers" Division - Having virtually invented the tactics and doctrine Forgotten scouts use now, this division is very skilled in hit-and-run forest warfare. While they possess few tanks, they instead utilize a larger force of Technicals for vehicular support. They rely mostly on infantry assaults with Chinook transport support for versatility on the field.

-- "Cornish" Division - Normally considered a division weak in combat power, the Cornish division, primarily british in nature, has many links to the "Spies" of the second Great War, and as a result they are the primary intelligence gatherers for the Forgotten. Their army regulars are numerous, but not considered as unique or to have the same skill as some of the other divisions. They tend to be kept to defensive positions, but when fighting offensively, they use numbers to wear down their opponents.


--"Gladiator" Division - (Player Faction) The newest formed division of the Reforged Armed Forces, they originally started off as a very small force. The division primarily fields troops from Bulgarian, Scottish, Norwegian, Dutch, and German ancestry. While they are a small group of men with few distinguishing capabilities, sticking close to standard forgotten military doctrine, the unit is known for utilizing very intelligent combined-arms tactics that allow them to handle most any mission they are assigned with.

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