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A collection of YouTube videos made by other people featuring Hyphen.

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Hey all,

We haven't posted any news in a while so we figured we would break the silence and post something.

Before we begin, if you haven't tried out the Hyphen pre-release demo yet - why not?? It's a free download and if you like it you could always pre order it and help us out massively!

We've been keeping an eye on YouTube lately to see how many people have posted videos since we released the Hyphen pre-release demo. Surprisingly there has actually been quite a few, some we knew about and some we didn't. We thought it would be pretty cool to put them all in one place so we're going to embed all the ones we have found that aren't duplicates or made by us as of now into this post. Video's are in no particular order, just the order in which we found them in the YouTube search listing. Enjoy!

Quite a few there hey? There may possibly be more that we haven't noticed or have omitted by accident. If you do know of any others please let us know and we will update this post!


FarSpace Studios

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