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Upcoming novel set in the "Cold Steel" universe, revealed.

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"...In 2070, Earth, humanity's home, vanished without explanation.
Throughout the Solar System, humanity's now stranded colonies, were left to fend for themselves.
But, instead of banding together, the colonies went to war with eachother.
Instead of working together, mankind nearly destroyed itself.

A few brave souls, have taken upon themselves, the task of insuring the survival of the human race. Ruled by governments poised to bring about the annihilation of the human race, there is only one solution: If humanity is to survive, it needs to rise up in Insurgency..."

A "Cold Steel" novel is in the works and will be published some time next year. Titled "Cold Steel: Insurgency", the novel follows the story of the unification of the Islamic Federation and the foundation of the Socialist Star Republic.

In a time when corporate armadas from the Jovian Moons, threaten to plunge what is left of humanity, into a devastating all-out war, while independent Martian colonies squabble amongst eachother and the only force capable of facing the corporate fleet, is scattered throughout the Solar System, a group of men and women decide to risk it all, in an attempt of insuring the survival of the human race.

"Insurgency" will be published in a digital format for a fee of $5.99 and will be available for purchase online, both on the Cold Steel website and various ebook retail sites.

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