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We did some beta testing for the up coming 64bit now we need your assistance in tying these out

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Closed Beta for 64bit Download Links

chimm CHIMM

After some internal testing we are now ready to open up testing of to the player base. Ohm will open up the Beta server on Friday evening. We will announce on Discord and the Forums that the Beta server is open. Our goal for this open testing is to see if there are any major issues that have appeared in the 64bit conversion process.

There are no new features or bug fixes in this release. If there was a bug you recognize in, it most likely is also in this version. The game should behave just like it does now. This installation will take over your existing installation on both PC and MAC. When you have installed you will only be able to connect to the Beta server. You will need to reinstall in order to play on the Campaign and Training server. If you plan to go back and forth, it would be wise to retain the installer for both versions rather than re-downloading the installers each time by creating a new folder for the beta installation. The Beta server will be in intermission mode with unlimited supply. Please play the game like you would on the live server. Keep an eye out for anything that may be an issue. Issue a .bug report with specific details of anything you run into. Sometimes it helps a lot if you try to replicate the problem (see if it’s reproducible) and let us know the steps you did in order to do so.

The downloads available are here: Go to this article to get the download links for PC and Mac


If you have a 64bit capable Operating System, please use the 64bit client. Testing is NOT available for Steam players due to the login schema for Steam. The Beta server will remain open during the entire testing period barring any technical issues. Changes to Town ownership, AOs, and DOs may change at anytime to accommodate testing scenarios. We will do our best to notify you prior to those changes. We may ask players to join in on scenarios to help focus on certain aspects of the game. Please visit the “ Testing” section in the forums for more details regarding scenarios and time frames.

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