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Ok, so I just want to know how many people would pay 5 bucks to play the game while its in alpha, $5 as a reduced price.

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So my idea for Dead Year, is to have it distributed in the same style as minecraft, in alpha it will be 66% off, then in beta 33% off, then full price at release. I would also like to know if people would prefer Desura, Steam, or Independant (I will distribute from my site)? Steam will require a greenlight, but I have confidence that people will enjoy Dead Year on greenlight. Desura is pretty much ready to go, I just need to add some more media, as well as prepare the first Alpha build.

Speaking of alpha build, I am purchasing the full version of my engine, enabling me to produce more content for the game, and release better updates! This is the reason I want to charge $$ in Alpha, because the engine isn't exactly cheap, and I would like to make up for the money I have lost. If you want access to the Closed Alpha, you will need to purchase the launcher over at my site, listed on the right-hand side of this page. If the link still says gofundme, just wait a day or too for me to finish the site, then I will change the link.

If you are a youtuber, and would like to have access to the closed alpha for your channel, email me at fcrafficka@live.com and put "Dead Year Youtube" in the subject line, and we will talk about possibly getting you a free copy of Dead Year?

I will continue to release free DEMOS, but to get the full experience you will need to give up 5 bucks.

Apologies if this upsets some people, but I would rather not lose money making a game, but going even would be a better deal.

If you have a Youtube channel, and would like to make a series on my game, but cannot afford to buy it, you can request a youtuber version HERE

Don't think I'm only making this game for the money since I posted this. I am making this game for the experience, and because it is a fun experience for me.

I think I have rambled on to much,



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