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With the the knowledge of UE4 getting a UDK we have decided to hold of the production of our game until that point so what are we doing while we wait.

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With the announcement of UE4's UDK, we at Rosed Games decided that it is best if we wait until its released. So until that we have decided to focus on story and design's. We are going to re-write the documentation for the game as well as re-think a lot of the art. Hopefully this helps focus the design of the game. We could be spending a whole year just on designs for the game, so we hope you will enjoy the outcome.

We also would love this game to be community based, therefore once we are happy with the documentation we will release it to the public so that they can build upon what we have and implement custom features for the game. Many of your suggestions will make it into the game and improve it. We would also like to make the multiplayer with the community, but this will be sorted through the kickstarter when we get to that point

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