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Hello Everyone! In the following article, I will provide you with everything you need to know about the recent release of Triforce Kings version 1.0.

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Hello everyone! As you'll see in the files section, I have uploaded the 1.0 of Triforce Kings. I have plenty of things to tell you guys about so I'll get right to it.

Discord Server: I have set up a discord server so that we may be able to set up a sort of community where we can discuss the development of the mod, fun Zelda lore, and maybe set up some multiplayer matches between you guys. If you also wish to contact me, It is best to do it through discord as I check discord more frequently than the Moddb comments. The link is here: Discord.gg

What's New: We have made significant progress since the 0.5 that I released in 2019. To be brief, I will list the new features and changes:

- Water provinces have been added so boats are now fully functional

- All of the culture, religion, government, province, and character names have been properly localized in English so you won't be seeing ugly text anymore. That being said, descriptions are not implemented in many places since we were largely focusing on functionality instead of flavor for a 1.0. The next release of the mod will include detailed descriptions for these areas as we are shifting much of our attention to flavor content.

- All of the history is done for the primary start date. Therefore, all provinces have assigned characters with set dynasties. Some of these characters will have families, but we will be expanding on that in the next release with the flavor content.

- A primitive rendition of the Hyrulean Civil War that took place just before Ocarina of Time has been implemented at the primary start date. That being said, the war is very basic at the moment and we will be expanding on it greatly in the following updates with unique Casus Bellis and events.

- The ruler designer works a lot better in this release, and it is now possible to use it. It still crashes occasionally so keep an eye out for that.

- Skyloft has replaced China as the off-map empire. The feature is still pretty basic but we plan on expanding on this in future releases. The primary culture of Skyloft at the main start date is Oocca, but we will eventually be implementing events that can turn the primary culture into the Wind Tribe. Early in the history, Skyloft will also appear as Skyloftian in culture before transitioning into the Oocca.

- There are some new UI elements for major notifications

- Most of the religion Icons have been updated by our new artist

- All empire flags have been finished in addition to all of the kingdom flags in Hyrule and The Lost Woods. Several flags have also been made for the Gerudo Desert. Many more will be coming in the future. We are prioritizing the flags by tier, so we want to have all the kingdoms done before moving on to duchies and then counties.

- We have societies implemented by they are not yet joinable due to a bug. By the next update, you should be able to join them.

- We completely re-did the topology and terrain of Labrynna, Mille-Feuille, Koridai, and Crescent Island to make them look nicer. We also made various minor changes to most other regions in some way. Expect other regions to get facelifts in the coming updates, as I feel like some of the regions from the earlier versions of this mod haven't aged too well and I could probably make them look much better after these four years.

- There are loads of other small changes to find, many are minor bug fixes. We have big plans so this list is really just an introduction to what we've been working on.

Compatability: Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to get the mod to run on any CK2 versions above However, since getting the mod to run on the current version of CK2 is a major priority for me, especially now that I've published a 1.0, I will be putting a lot more attention on this specific issue. That also takes me to my next point, volunteers.

Volunteers: So, I have been working on this mod for almost four years on my own, however, I have recently recruited the aid of several friends who can help me in some areas that they personally have skill in. So, now that the mod is in a playable state and now that I have some people helping me out, I am willing to extend an invitation to potential volunteers who can help us take this mod to new levels that we could not otherwise reach. As I'm sure you can tell, while the mod is playable in its 1.0 form, there is still an incredible amount of work that needs to be done, so we would be more than happy to get you guys involved. I will introduce the roles that we need to be filled below:

- Troubleshooter: The first area that we really need some help in is troubleshooting. As I've described, we are having some difficulty in getting this mod past CK2 v2.8.3.4, and as such, we need the aid of someone who is experienced in modding CK2 that can act as a sort of reference for when things get a bit messy. It's going to be a relaxed role, and we may not call upon you too often, but the opinion of a more experienced modder can really go a long way and we would appreciate the dialogue.

- Musicians: We really don't like the idea of using Nintendo's original music in this mod, so we are looking for people who can create music that we can use in the mod that won't get us into trouble. If you would like to volunteer any tracks, know that we won't be claiming the music to be ours and if you wish to use it elsewhere then feel free too. Additionally, you, like everyone else who helps us out, will be credited in the format that you wish to be represented.

- Artists: As it stands, I have a friend working on some of the art for this mod, however, this mod is far too big for me to expect any one person to be able to create all of the art. As such, we are looking for people who can create digital art in both small and large dimensions, and we will be largely focusing on flags, custom character portraits, loading screens, UI elements, and more. If you can help in any of these areas, we would be happy to have you on. Note that we won't claim ownership of any of your work and you can feel free to use it in portfolios or any other place you wish to use it. We will also be crediting you where we can.

-Translators and Editors: I will likely be doing all of the writing myself, and I have an English language editor who will be checking my work before I implement it into localization, but I am nonetheless and unfortunately monolingual, so I cannot create the built-in French, Spanish, and German localizations myself. As such, we are looking for bilingual people who can aid in the translation of the mod into these languages. It will be a lot of work so we are hoping that multiple people can aid in each language and help each other be reading over each other's work.

Those are the roles that we are looking to fill at the moment. As time goes on I'm sure that we will need an extra hand in various areas, and when that happens, we will make it known. The fastest way to contact us is through the discord channel that we've set up. From there you can privately message me. You can additionally send me a private message through this website, Moddb.com. Regardless of the method, I would like you to provide a brief description of why you are interested with some examples of your past work or ability. We look forward to working with you.

That's about all I have to say for the moment. We've got a lot of work to do, and going forward, expect a lot of flavor context and major bug fixes, as that is likely to be our major direction for the next little bit. Up till this point, we have really just been focusing on making the game consistently playable from a vanilla perspective, so now that we have made such a thing possible, we can focus on more of the fun and unique content that will really make this mod stand out as a Zelda themed overhaul for CK2. Regardless, I will be providing you guys with a discord link so we can put a community together regarding this mod and its development. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Many thanks, M7dragon3

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