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The team at Mantis Digital Arts has been working for the past couple of weeks on getting everything together for our first level so that we can share a trailer with the community and prepare it for our Kickstarter campaign. Some of the creations from these efforts are shared below which provide a glimpse into our initial bee character, our first predator, and the overall movement of the character.

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Buzz Whizz: Bees is a forthcoming game from Mantis Digital Arts, a game development studio based out Brookings, SD. The objective is to teach children about the life of bee in an interactive and unique way. They will get to play as one of a few types of bees as they gather resources for the hive, defend the hive from invaders, repair the hive when damages occur, and scout out new sources for food.

Our first playable character will be the American Bumblebee.

Buzz Whizz: Bees - American Bumblebee

We have also been working on bringing our first predator, the crab spider, to life. This spider will not be fully rendered. The children playing the game will only be able to see the legs of the spider as they wrap around one of the flowers waiting for the bee to land.

Buzz Whizz: Bees - Crab Spider

The final thing I will share in this post is a short video demonstrating a bug that we happened upon today as our developer was working on our "Bee Vision" feature. Obviously, something went terribly wrong.

This week, the team is focused on adding more to the background of the first level so that it becomes more interesting to view and experience. We will also be working on getting the proper flowers into the game and adding collisions so that something happens after the bee has gathered resources to the flower. We hope to share more videos demonstrating the first level soon along with some mockups and concepts for our in-game store (no, it won't require any additional money from the player).

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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