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This is a list of what you'll be able to play as online and off.

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Jiralhanae (Brutes)

Brute Minor
Brute Major
Brute Ultra
Brute Stalker
Brute Jumppack
Brute Bodyguard
Brute Captain
Brute Captain Major
Brute Captain Ultra
War Chieftan
Brute Chieftain

Unggoy (Grunts)
Grunt Minor
Grunt Major
Heavy Grunt
Spec Ops Grunt
Grunt Ultra

Sangheili (Elites)
Elite Minor
Elite Major
Elite Ultra
Elite Ranger
Stealth Elite
Spec Ops Elite
Elite Honor Guard
Honor Guard Ultra

Kig-Yar (Jackals)
Minor Jackal
Major Jackal
Ranger Jackal
Jackal Sniper

Lekgolo (Hunters)
Gold Hunter
Red Hunter

Mark IV

UNSC Marine
UNSC Recon Trooper


Yes, in the game there will be a few special Armor and People you can be.. and to retrieve them you need to do something hard.. Once again.. De Ja Vu

Gold Recon
Gold Chieftan
Suicide Grunt
Sgt. Johnson(Thats for me.. and anyone who's done anything on the mod OTHER then testing)
Gold Hayabusa(Testing Team only)

This list is subject to change

I hope you guys give me some ideas.

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