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Check out Prazon, the spectre spirit that inhabits a rock-like shell body.

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Prazon is a little purple spectre spirit that posesses a bunch of debris to form a protective host body. With the ability to stretch and build up parts of his body, he makes for one interesting opponent. He keeps his enemies at a distance, then once they've sustained enough damage, he closes in for the finishing touch.

Neutral Special: Spectral Sneeze
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Prazon sneezes out a buildup of his spectral energy, giving a little shock to anyone in range.

Down Special: Fissure Fists
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Prazon puts some of his energy into the ground, causing a few powerful rock fists to pop up
and pummel opponents.

Side Special: Pressure
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Prazon sends out a wave of pressure from his hand, pushing opponents away and reflecting any projectiles coming towards him. Can be great for sending high damaged opponents flying!

Up Special: Extract
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Prazon removes himself from his shell, floating safely away from danger where he then creates a new body.

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