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Episode 2 is coming to a close with the 4th chapter completed.

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If this is your first time, instructions can be found here: Youtube.com

Yup, I took another 2 weeks to create another chapter and this might happen again as I am about to close episode 2. Once again, I'm gonna have more slides than usual due to it being the conclusion so I hope by the end of it all, it will be a fantastic journey.

But I'll be honest, this may go down in history as my least favorite episode. I felt I rushed it so I can meet the weekly deadline I promised. I guess I was in the impression that by now I'd have a few subscribers but as this writing, I barely have 5 with the 4 others probably bots. Considering that it is a lot of work to make these videos and I have no audience at the moment, I should probably slow down the production of Wunderkind.

But for now, Chapter 5 will be released on the current schedule and when that is done, I'm taking yet another break, perhaps a month long one, to not only plan the next adventure but to also produce the assets. You got to understand that it takes a long time that I have to squeeze in to get these out in a weekly fashion. To give you an idea, the current process of making each chapter goes as follows:

  1. Read the script, fix errors, and make necessary changes.
  2. Break the script for the captions and then translate.
  3. Plan out what parts of the script is going to be drawn as cutscenes.
  4. Plan out how the QTE events and the necessary art assets required.
  5. Draw the cutscene slides.
  6. Draw the assets for the QTE slides.
  7. Record the lines of the script.
  8. Create individual video assets of each event and cutscene by combining all previous assets together.
  9. Take these individual assets and put them together into an even bigger video (i.e. the parts of the chapter)
  10. Upload them to YouTube.
  11. Put in the necessary annotations and link them to their appropriate places.
  12. Playtest the annotations.
  13. Add in the captions.
  14. Add title, description info, tags, and thumbnail.

As you can see, there's a lot of work going into these and not a lot of time within the week. The drawing portion actually eats up the majority of the time and coloring just doubles the work. If I can take that step and just do it all at once before I proceed with a new episode, I can release these in a weekly fashion with the trade off being waiting periods between episodes but for now, that'll have to do.

So that's all I got to say. Check out the video and if you like it, subscribe to the channel and check out the Facebook: Facebook.com

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