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Some changes being made plus need your opinion and also just keeping you guys in the loop with what's going on, there is some news in there that might get you interested!

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Ok so this is kind of just a general update so you all know im still alive! Basically i was thinking of calling the game Instinct! just an idea... in fact you guys can help come up with the name. Read the description to find out what the game is about and simply comment your suggestions!

I want this project to be a very community based/general good laugh and nothing to serious kinda project so feel free to talk about the game, just please dont advertise your game in the comments!
So as you might see ive changed the flashlight look aswell as add a flashlight model, add walking sounds (just basic for now), add head bob and a few extras.

The development has slowed down a little as i am waiting to get a good asset for forest enviroment, i dont want the standard stuff i want this game to be made with 100% effort even if that means i have to buy things out of my own pocket, so im just saving for a good enviroment asset!

I might start occasionally doing like vlog/blog's to update you on how the game is going, once ive done some more terraining i will release a video of the game so far so you guys can judge it on its current progress, like i said i want to keep you guys in the loop!

Also me and a friend have made custom ambience for the game so we have added our own sounds ECT aswell as our own cute flashlight sound :P

There are also hopefully going to be some cheeky triggers around the map for people to bump into, however that is further on in development yet!

Thanks for reading if you have read thus far and hope to hear more from you peeps soon!

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