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Post news RSS Changes to SR:MT #1: Introduction

A list of changes made over the past weeks/months in concerns to the game's introduction and tutorial sequence.

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Change Log for SR:MT

Added SFX's to Game: Death, Save & Load, Death, Escape, Cursor, Select, Cancel, Shop Chime

Added Areas:
Death's Realm
Cutscene 1
Steamy Boulders
Boulder Chase Scene
Chase Plus Jumping Yeaaaa!
Area Before Companion
Spikes are mean
Companion and Intro Final Battle
Intro Title and Credits

Encounters Changed:
Death (Added Confuse, Night Cutter, Mute, Darkness), Altered Health and tactics
Terror: HP Buff, Added Darkness and Paralyze

Puzzles Added:
Steam Boulders
Boulder Chase
Spike Room Trap

​Added Chests in various areas, hidden dialogue of lost souls, expanded story elements

Death Boss

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