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Updates this week: AI, music, weather and updated graphics!

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We have been very busy the last few weeks, this post feels long overdue.
Anyways; Updates!

The changes week 17 through 20 are the following:

  • New Terrain; Swamp, Ash, Obsidian, Myre, Jungle and Swamp.
  • Work has been started on making the HUD look more clean, not yet implemented.
  • Improved AI, needs more optimisation but it works right.
  • More indepth unit information on the battlfield HUD.
  • Dungeons now have more backgrounds and floors depending on where you are and what weather you’re in.
  • Online battles now work; But the connection between players are as of now hardcoded and must de done through console.
  • The gallery have been supplied with shelves.
  • A little work has been put into the editor.
  • Added a new weather state: rain.
  • Depending on what terrain your settlement has been built infront of, the corresponding image now shows while visiting the town.
  • Demonic buildings have has a graphical overhaul.
  • Work has been put into orcish architecture, not yet complete.
  • Resource icon-set overhaul.
  • Skirmish-screen graphical update.
  • More terrain on battlefield added, also optional fancy filler-terrain (Burnt-down trees for ash, willows for the swamp, etc.).
  • New company logo.
  • Updated credits screen.

A trailer is in the works, and we now have a very talented composer working with us, Richard McDonald! You can find his work at:

Alpha-version is drawing nearer and nearer.
See you guys soon!

Week 20 DEMO - Updated Undead Cities

Week 20 DEMO - Updated Gallery Screen and Units!

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