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Doghotel's Brainy Bots changelog update 16-Nov-21.

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  • Shortcut key configurable
  • Merger: Update checker
  • Merger: Updated .NET to 4.7.2 (dropped Windows XP support)
  • Merger: Fixed: Crash loading modules with unknown formatting
  • Merger: Fixed: Crash loading 1257AD and AWOIF (due to spaces in strings.txt)
  • Merger: Fixed: OverflowException merging Nova Aetas
  • Merger: Fixed: OutOfRangeException merging Rise of Islam 634 A.D


  • Kicking
  • Improved blocking and attacking in group fights
  • Improved kick avoidance
  • Small performance improvements
  • Brainy Bots available as a W.R.E.C.K plugin
  • Merger: Module list now keeps track of multiple Warband installations
  • Merger: Batch operations to restore, merge or update multiple mods
  • Fixed: Archers occasionally get stuck in the hold animation in Prophesy of Pendor
  • Fixed: Script errors when config presentation closed in Perisno (and other mods that have a minimap)
  • Fixed: Weapons with crush-through sometimes causing bots to get stuck in the same position
  • Fixed: Melee combat operations applied to cavalry with a couched lance
  • Merger: Fixed: Error with strings.txt in Blood in the West
  • Merger: Fixed: Strings missing in 1860s Old America (due to extra newline in strings.txt)
  • Merger: Fixed: Strings with special characters not being merged properly
  • Merger: Fixed: Error while trying to merge with The Last Days and other mods ported from M&B to Warband
  • Merger: Fixed: Error while trying to merge with Nova Aetas or Sayazn


  • Compatible with mods other than Native
  • Added option to enable the modified AI for special characters only, such as companions and vassals
  • Removed dependencies on Native
  • Takes advantage of the new item operations introduced in 1.161
  • Fixed: Kick avoidance less buggy (still experimental)
  • Fixed: Bots no longer get stuck in the hold animation occasionally
  • Fixed: Bots no longer ignore their shield if they're holding a weapon that can't be used to parry
  • Fixed: Siege towers now move
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