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Remade and updated the submod to be compatible with latest version of AWOIAF 7.12.

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Changelog for 4.0

Since AWOIAF 7.0 had many changes; I recreated this whole sub mod from scratch again rather than try to update the previous version.

Troop & Unit Changes

  • Reworked and expanded all major Westerosi factions’ troop trees.
  • Reworked and expanded all major Essosi factions’ troop trees.
  • Reworked and expanded the Mercenary Troop Tree.
  • Reworked minor faction troops.
  • Added new troop tree for House Tully – (Can hire the first tier of these units from Taverns.)
  • Added new troop tree for House Manderly – (Player needs to be the owner of White Harbor to access these troops).
  • Added 17 new special household units that are now recruit-able from Taverns. (Some of these troops were in the previous version and some of them are new in this version).
  • All in all there have been 176 new troops added in this version.

Item Changes

  • Added 34 new armours.
  • Added 17 new helms.
  • Added 5 new boots.
  • Added 11 new shields.
  • Added 2 new Arbalests and 1 crossbow.
  • Added 2 new polearms, the Long War Spear & Long Glaive, the only melee weapons which are long enough to be used from the back of Elephants.
  • Added 12 new horses.
  • Added 2 new War Elephants and 1 War Camel.

NPC & Companion Changes

The companions listed below have had their stats and equipment adjusted:

  • Ser Barristan Selmy.
  • Ser Beron Grey.
  • Ser Shadrich.
  • The Matter Brothers.
  • Syrio Forel.
  • Sand Snakes.
  • Thoros of Myr.
  • Dacey Mormont.
  • Brienne of Tarth.

The Lords of the following factions have had their equipment adjusted:

  • Northern Lords.
  • Riverlander Lords.
  • Reach Lords.
  • Vale Lords.
  • Stormlander Lords.
  • Dornish Lords.
  • House Lannister Lords.
  • Qohorik Lords.
  • Volantene Lords.

Other Changes

  • Added 21 new banners
  • Added 21 new soundtracks
  • Added new city icons
  • Added new castle icons
  • Added new village icons
  • Adjusted all NPC recruiting templates.
  • Implemented all other changes from previous versions.

Credits List

Produno, for creating the awesome A World of Ice and Fire mod.
Cobainrift for creating all the new map icons, texturing and providing feedback and support.
LeonhardtFalkenburg, for testing, providing feedback and offering suggestions on a variety of issues.
domipoppe for his osp items.
fladin for his osp items.
spak for his osp items.
Dare2Die for osp mounts.
Nieths, for some new soundtracks.
Jess&Reece, for a new banner.
Antonis9 for providing plenty of useful info & advice.

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