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After seeing the potential that Alien Line Up has we have had a change of heart.

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We've Fallen in Love
Before we just saw Alien Line Up as a nice free game to publish and share with the community. We didn't think anyone would be overly interested in the game. We also didn't expect any readers to our news after how many times we have failed. So firstly we would like to thank everybody reading our articles for giving us a chance. Secondly, because of the popularity our studio and Alien Line Up has received we have decided to make Alien Line Up into a true Exanim Game.

What we plan
No longer do we plan to just copy some older games and refurbish ideas. No longer are going to simply work on it as a side job. No longer are we not going to put our hearts into our work (so deep). We plan on now making Alien Line Up the premiere game for Exanim Games. This game will receive major updates in the months to come. This week we are going to have studio meeting to discuss the future of Alien Line Up. We post a news status on any ideas we finalize. We hope to make Alien Line Up into a game that not only reflects what we are about, but into a game that we can be proud of. Alien Line Up is now officially becoming OUR MAIN GAME.

One more time We would like to thank our readers for taking the time to read our articles and play our game. We guarantee that after a few month Alien Line Up will emerge from its cocoon and become a butterfly (with lasers, plasma shots, and big alien eyeballs). If you have anything to say about the game please do not hesitate to post we want to hear any criticism or compliments so that we know what to fix and what to keep.

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