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3 new maps which will be available in the open-alpha release, finished time-trial mode, hidden collectables for you to be discovered and more.

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Most of the technical stuff is done behind the scenes. Still fixing some bugs here and there if i find them, but overalls the basics are finally done. Map-loading, multiplayer communication, colission detection, movement-physics, etc...

3 new Maps

So i was able to focus more on the content side of things. I made 3 new maps for the open-alpha which have entirely new leveldesign compared to the old maps which i showcased. Compared to other maps, the leveldesign is much more varied and thought over. Previous maps (in older videos) were more like a car-racing course where you (mostly) only have one path to the goal. But that wasn't the right leveldesign for Celaria. Car-Racing games are mostly about getting every corner right on every turn and balancing yor acceleration of the car. Celaria on the other hand is more about experimenting with different paths and possibilities on how to get to the goal. (and then executing this said path.)

The general design-rule of this 3 maps is: The faster the path, the more hidden it may be and the harder it is to execute. But sometimes you may also encounter different paths with very similar length. Then it's up to you to decide which one fits you the best. You still have checkpoints which you have to activate in a specific order, but how you get to them is entirely up to you. I will later add an entirely new gamemode where you don't need to activate any checkpoints. You just have to find a way to the goal. This will also allow for a different approach to level-design. (Allowing for pretty much open-world styled levels.)

Hidden collectables

There are hidden collectables scattered around the maps. If you really want to finish a map 100%, you have to collect them all. Currently (in the alpha build) you get a "gem-symbol" displayed in the menu if you do so. They aren't as easy to reach as you have to be aware of block-placement and how you can use it to your advantage. It can be sometimes compared to little parkour-puzzles within the maps.


The tutorial is using 3D holograms and textboses (which display text on the screen) for the tutorial. It isn't easy to make the tutorial entirely without text, as the way you control the character is a bit different compared to other games. Your PC-mouse plays a big role in that. So the text-messages display basic info on how to use your controls in order to perform a given parkour-move. The holograms are showing you in what those input commands translate to in order to give you a general idea on what it looks like and how it can be useful to you.

That was it for today. I plan to release the open alpha in the next 1-2 months as i will have plenty of spare time to focus on game-development (and i already did the majority of the work for that release).

You can also visit the new website for the game :)


Parkour with the only goal is to get to the goal was fast as possible with physics defying jumps.
I like it.

And how different does the controls feel compared to let's say, Mirror's Edge?

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DevLewa Author

The controls are a bit different compared to other games. The mouse-movement is very important. While performing a wallrun, you can move your camera around which allows you to "pre-aim" your spot you want to jump on. This allows you to define the angle in which you jump from a wall.

So imagine a competetive/fast first-person shooter, but instead of shooting at enemys you are aiming at your next position.

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Sounds compelling.

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