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Cave Art Level A small information about our art and artist, and the making of cave art and design

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Cave level art

Here we demonstrate our design of the environments and the art performed to the level of the cave. The art that has been implemented is entirely hand-drawn having a unique and original style that characterizes the author of this art as well as the deference of other sources or examples that we may encounter. Having original art in our game has always been a point that we have given utmost importance and attention throughout the entire work process.

Although the cave is only one level, it has several divisions and sections. One of the factors that jumps us the most in sight is the difference in lighting, in an area has artificial illumination (where the light source are lamps interconnected with electrical circuits), and another zone that have artificial light source (the crystals scattered in the scenery emit Light that gives the player the visibility needed to continue in the game).

Another interesting detail that jumps in sight is the constitution of the floor and the specific location that shows us where the character can walk. There is a floor light almost in line continues to make you realize when playing the place where you can and should walk.

Another relevant point is the fund that also varies through each zone of the cave, an area where the walls are contained and controlled with wooden walls, and in another area all more natural and rockier, where there is nothing artificial.

We are pleased in terms of art for our level in this moment, but we are constantly trying to get better and innovate new interesting gameplay situations

All art by – Raquel Neves

- Gonçalo Gregório – Game Designer

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